I know it’s been awhile since I’ve made a Percy update. But I’m making one now. Percy is doing very good here. He’s settled in and found a place within the pack. He and Sam are always playing. But there are a couple of yips here and there because of the difference in size. But Percy has had rough spots here and there. Like the time he snuck too much of Sam’s food. Helike had a pound of poop in him… poor baby. He gets into mischief like every other puppy. On his back half his puppy fur is changing into grown dog fur… oh well.😒 Sam is definately his role model and (thankfully) has taught him not to nip people but Percy still does it when he all riled up. I haven’t seen Sam so happy in a long time. He plays like a little puppy “again” Granted he was never little. LOL. Percy chewed off his bowtie….


I don’t always eat treats but when I do… WAIT! What am, I saying? I always eat treats!



Percy Update

Hi everyone!

I don’t have a ton of time, so yeah. I gotta go to bed soon. I just though I would update everyone on Percy!


In one week he will officially be eight weeks old. So on Sunday we’re going to go meet him. Today I went shopping for puppy stuff. I got him a kennel, puppy food, training treats (Zukes are awesome for this. Just a thing.), teething toy, toy, and his collar.

it’s Green and blue with like a zig zag pattern, and it has a blue with tiny white polka dots all over it bowtie. How awesome is that?????? As promised… Photo time!




He’s the one staring at the bowl.



He’s the one with the ears down.



He’s the one staring tat the camera. Ain’t he adorable????

New News


So, I’m really excited to tell you guys this!

I’m love animals. So my parents decided to let me get a dog. We went looking for one and finally found one. My mom talked to the lady and the lady put him on hold just for us. we get weekly updates. And I’m gonna share the pictures! His name will be Percival The First. Percy for short!

Here you go!

This is Percy, he’s a tricolored corgi. His daddy was a Blue merle. he only has two or three siblings that’s also a blue merle. He only has one other sibling that’s a tricolored. His sister.
This is him attacking a blanket!
This is him with his brown eyes! Ain’t he adorable??????
This was after he just had opened his eyes. His eyes are brown now. SO CUTE!
That’s all the pictures. *cough cough* for now *cough* 😉

Aren’t you ready to die from the cuteness?





When you ask your friends for a picture

I have this insanely weird friend. My last blog post was about her. And I asked if I could take a screen shot of her smiling because I wanted to make a google slide/video about her, in honor for when she comes to visit me. And she wouldn’t just smile. I eventually got it. But still… I’m going to have to post this for after she sees the video because she follows my blog.

Put in the comments if you have a silly friend like this!


Fasts And reviews (SPOILER ALERT)

So just on Sunday I had to fast… religious reasons. Anyway during to the fast we also had to be sad so my mom and I watched sad movies. But only until like one in the afternoon. Anyway I watched some pretty sad movies. And I told my mom no Holocaust movies. (If you are one of those people that believe it didn’t happen, please leave my blog. It did happen… it’s in the history books!) And what am I doing? I’m writing a review!

  1. After the rain-  What could be better about a guy who gets cancer and leaves behind his mother and girlfriend right? And even better it’s based off a true story! That was sarcasm all the way. But this movie has truth behind it. That kind of movie is sad but I’m glad they exist, other wise those people would die and eventually no one would remember them. Also I’m sooooo (spoiler alert!!!!!) glad he didn’t burn the pictures like he said he did! So on a one to five on the depressing movie scale I give it a four!
  2. The Fault in our stars- two teenagers both with terminal cancer fall in love. Sweet story. But not a true story. Hazel thinks she’s going to die but (spoiler alert!!!!!) then Gus dies before her.  After he dies her dad sits her down and says that how she feels when Gus dies is what they’re going to feel like when Hazel dies. (she’s going to die because she has stage four lung cancer.) They’ll feel sad, but the only reason they’re just trying to keep her alive longer is because it was an honor to see her and meet her while she was alive. (my mom pointed this out) She also pointed out that why Hazel hate the author dude is because she’s worried that will happen to her parents, that they’ll just fall apart. That also might be why she’s so insistent on what happens at the end of the book. But the author doesn’t know, because he’s just to heartbroken (The book was made for his daughter who died.) So on the scale I give it a full five!
  3. The age of Adaline- I’ll try not to spoil it too much, but if you’ve never seen this movie I seriously recomend it!!!! ( Sorry for any misspells.) It’s happy but has sad parts in it. At least it has a happy ending.  It’s about this woman who suddenly stops aging. By the time she does (spoiler alert!!!!! Sorry!) dies she’s 107. But don’t worry the story doesn’t end there. Also I’ve never seen a grown woman so happy to find a gray hair.  On the scale I give it a six! But it’s not that depressing, so the scale is wonky to begin with.

Thank you!


Stop hating yourself for everything you aren’t and start loving yourself for everything you are

Attachment issues

Sam has gotten worse. I don’t think it’s a fear of his crate anymore. My mother thinks that Sam has attachment issues. (this isn’t the term she used. I can’t remember what it is.) Separation anxiety. We won’t even leave the house yet, just the room, and he’ll start to freak out.

But we’ve got him in Reactive Rovers and apparently he isn’t as bad as some of the dogs! So he’ll be better in no time!