Where Am I Going

Where am I going from here?

My voice rings out

Echoing in the night

Where do I go from here?

The mind is spinning

With unanswered questions

Where do I go from here?

Do I go left?

To certain death?

Do I go right?

And begin to write?

Do I go up?

Climbing and pushing the bar too high?

Do I go down?

Not a likely choice.

Where do I go from here?

I could go anywhere.

But do I?

Do I leave behind what I know?

Do I leave behind and don’t see how I’ve grown,

Tell me what I should do.

No, this is my choice

Where do I go from here?


A Dragon Journey

Isfahel knew his days were numbered. He couldn’t leave. Not yet anyway. He stretched out his wings, letting the full moonlight shine through them. He felt his scales grow heavy, as if saying “ No, You will never have to leave.” But he knew he had to, or the humans would hunt him down.

Time to go.” He murmured, But he didn’t take off.

Why do you hesitate?” said a voice. But Isfahel didn’t answer. It was as if he didn’t have to go. He knew he had to. If only he could stall a bit longer.He beat his wing to the rhythm of his heart, He began to soar in the air. He flew into a pitch black forest. Not even the moonlight could shine through it. He breathed out fire. More to make him feel at home. Not to have light or bring warmth. He missed the warmth of his mother’s scales against his. But he had to do this. He couldn’t find a cave to stay in for the rest of the night, so he laced his long big body through some poisonous berry bushes. One more day and the full moon would come. He had until that long to do what he had to do. It was a dangerous journey, but he had to extinguish the humans before they poisoned this planet even more. But they had spears and arrows. He was terrified, but he would never admit to it. He slept for a bit, when he woke the sun was setting. That was it. Now or never.

I wish it was never.” He moaned.

DO IT!” The strange voice yelled. He turned around.

No one ever bosses around a dragon! Especially not this one!” He roared before he blasted fire all around the forest. There was a scream, then complete silence. The fire evaporated almost immediately after the scream.. The humans had found him.


Down with the cruel Beast!”they yelled. Isfahel felt a hot chain wrap around his neck.. He put down his head to accept his fate. As the lance was about to pierce his eye, Isfahel Blasted his searing hot white fire all around in a roar of victory and rage. The human ran around screaming in pain before collapsing dead in front of him. Now Isfahel isn’t going to waste a good barbeque. He ate the humans, thinking he was doing them a favor. They deserved to die and digest in his stomach.


The End

Just kidding! You Didn’t think it ended right there, did you?

Isfahel kept waiting. For he knew where a group of humans were more would come. They were an infestant.Like all infestants, they needed to be dealt with. Immediately. Isfahel lied in waiting.

Little did Isfahel know a young unicorn was watching him. A little bit older than Isfahel himself. This young unicorn watched him fly in, sleep, kill the humans, eat them, and now waiting. The unicorn decided to reveal herself. She walked toward the dragon and bowed her head a bit.

Oh mighty dragon! I beg of you! Have mercy upon my mind and body!” she cried out. Isfahel snapped his head toward her.

SHHHHH! You’ll blow my cover. Yes, I’ll let you live. But only if you stay quiet.” Isfahel whispered. The unicorn relaxed, glad formal introductories were done. She tilted her head at him.

I have a mission to purge the humans of this world. Our world. Forever.” Isfahel smiled.

But do you actually want to?” The curios unicorn asked. Isfahel just realized what he was meant to do. The elders had made it sound so good, so amazing, so… awe inspiring.

You know, not really. I mean… I should. But I don’t Does that make sense?” Isfahel answered.

Then don’t. You’re in control of your own life. Be who you want to be!” The unicorn said sweetly.

Do- Do you want t-to b-be my f-f-friend?” Isfahel stammered. And to his happiness the unicorn nodded. Then the sun came up.


To Be Continued…


Girl Rising (BETA)

IMPORTANT: This book is sonly in beta form, I will update is ASAP

Girl Rising

By dreamywritercom

Letter From Author

I know your most likely skipping over this part, and I can truly understand that. I used to do the same thing. So I’ll try to be brief, I would like to dedicate this book to my sweet cousin Bailey. She recently got married! Also I would like to dedicate this to my loving mom and Step-father who told me to keep at it but still take breaks. My last dedication would be to the MC Second-to-none. Love Ya guys! I hope you enjoy it!



As I walked down the dusty road I thought about what my life had become. Call it fate… destiny. My name is Kayla. I just moved to Dunsmuir, California… Really small town. Dad left after my younger sister was born, mom is working all days and most nights. Awesome. So yeah, we moved from frikin’ LOS ANGELES! So yeah… two younger sisters and one twin sister. Older than all of them, only by two minutes from my twin. Can’t pass off as a single child… Dang it. My twin says I’m a perfectionist. But whatever.


Chapter One


“ Stop being a brat already!”

“ I’ll tell mommy that you called me a brat!”

“UGGGGHHHH! You’re impossible!” I yell as I storm up to my room.

I can already hear Ivy calling our mom to tell her about what I said. Sometimes I wish I was part of a different family .Maybe… one of these days… Emma comes upstairs and enters our room. I can’t believe I have to share the room with her.

“ You shouldn’t have done that Kayla…” Emma starts.

“ Spare me your lectures! Please have mercy!”

“ Haha very funny. But I’m serious.”

I know she is. But I really don’t need this right now. Emma opens a new box to unpack. We’ve been unpacking for weeks. School starts in a month.

“ Addison’s peed again, Someone needs to fix it!” Ivy yells from downstairs. Me and Emma look at each other. Almost simultaneously we both yell  “ NOT ME!”

I start to laugh, Emma joins me. It feels good to laugh.


I wake up to a thunderstorm. It’s eleven at night. My sister is already asleep. I creep downstairs, the kitchen light is on. My mother is sitting on the counter holding a cup of tea, thinking.

“ Hey Ma, what’s up?” I try to say casually.

My mother smiles, but it doesn’t reach her eyes.

“Hey you. Just thinkin’. What are you doing up so late?” She whispers. Most likely not to wake Addison.

“Not much. Damn thunderstorm woke me up.” I say not even bothering to whisper or lower my voice.

“ Is Emm still asleep?” She asks.

At age thirty-six, My mother normally looks pretty good. But with such long hours she looks like she’s forty-eight. I sigh and shake my head no.  She puts down her tea and kisses my forehead.

“ This will get better, I promise Kite.” she used my old nickname. I got it by wanting to be a kite when I grew up.

“Can I make a call, mom?” I ask she turns and nods to me and continues to head upstairs. I wait for her to disappear to her room before I run to my phone that I left in dining room.I try to figure out who I should call but I already know.

“Baby? Did I wake you?” I quietly say.

“Mmm? Who i- KAYLA?” He sounds awake now. James has been my boyfriend for around two years now.

“Yeah… did you miss me?” I say almost teasingly.

“ OF COURSE I DID! I haven’t heard from you in nearly two months!” He sounds mad but also happy.

“ I know… I’m really sorry, I’ve just been so busy with unpacking and my sis-” He stops me before I can finish.

“ Stop, Just stop Kayla. This long distance thing isn’t working.” He doesn’t say anything after that but I already know what he’s going to say.

“ It hasn’t been easy for me either you know,” Tears are starting to reach my eyes. “ I hate you.” With that I hang up. I heard him breath in about to say something back but I couldn’t handle it. I run into my room and let the tears come. My sister wraps her arms around me and lets me cry. After everything me and James went through… just like that… He would regret his choice sooner or later that I was sure of.


I felt my sister’s tears against my shoulder.

“Ssssshhhhh, it’s going to be okay.” I try to comfort her. I’ll kill the jerk for making my sister feel this way.

Years before


I laugh as he pops a strawberry in to my mouth… at least he tries. My sister smiles affectionately. Her boyfriend wraps his arm around her and takes a selfie with her. They both have huge grins. I look at James with a look in my eyes. He sees it and chuckles. I love his laughs. As the people in the Cafe look at us like we’re crazy, I’m stuffing my french fries in James’s mouth and he’s trying to push them out with his tongue. Later on we do leave, my sis going with her boyfriend. Me going with mine. I remember his…


My alarm clock rings waking me up. School shopping. I stuff my head under my pillow. All of the sudden Ivy come running in to my room holding the phone.

“ It’s James. He wants to talk to you Kite.”

I sigh but I grab the phone.

“ What the frick do you want?” I say angrily in to the phone.

“ I’m sorry the way I acted last night. I was just tired.” He tries to explain, I know this. But I’m just too hurt.

“ Yeah… sure… whatever. I gotta go, because unlike some people I have a life to live.” I hang up on him. My heart feels like its torn in two, Emma walks in and pick up the phone where I dropped it. She dials a few numbers and walks out of our room.


“ Who do you think you are?!?!?” I yell at James through the phone.

“ I tried to apologize Emm.”  He says weakly. Because he is.

“Whatever idiot, and don’t call me Emm. Only my friends call me that. And you’re sure as shoot ain’t my friend. Friends don’t hurt each other siblings.” I growl.

“ What about Max? Hmm Emma?” Max is his younger brother, my old boyfriend.

“That’s different. He cheated on me, I had the right to break up with him. Why am I talking about my lovelife with you? You’re such an idiot and a jerk.” I hang up and sit down with my back against the wall. I can feel tears in my eyes. I rub them away angrily, but eventually the tears win. I cry until my eyes are all red and puffy. Kayla walks down fully dressed and offers her my hand. I smile up at her gratefully.


I run out of the room before Kayla can realize I called James. I go to mommy’s room holding Addison about to wake up mom.

“Mommy wake up. School shopping time. Momma? Wake up. Wakie wakie eggs and Bakey. Well personally I like pancakes and maple syrup better, but you can’t make that rhyme.” Momma eventually wakes up but it’s easy to see she’s still woppin’ tired.

“Thank you Baby.” She smiles. The darkness is away for now. But it will be back. It’s always back.

Catherine ( Mom)

I wake up to Ivy’s voice and Ivy and Addison’s face smiling at me. Best way to start a day.

“ Thank you Baby.” I smile at her. Her face lightens up a bit but darkens once again. I wonder what goes on in that mind of hers. I give her a look, realization dawns her face and she scurries out of the bedroom with Addison. I close the door and get dressed. When I walk out all of my girls are dressed and Emma is dressing Addison. I smile and wonder what I did to deserve these wonderful children.


We all look up from what we’re doing and we see our mom enter with a smile plastered across her face. We all smile in return. As we walk out the door and head to the car I walk up close to Emma.

“ Were you talking to Max on the phone?” I whisper in her ear.

“ Ummmm… no.” She blushes. “ I was talking to…”

I can tell she doesn’t want to say, so I just smile and nod. Relief spreads over her face. We get in to our car, me in front other is the back. Ivy in the middle, Addison in her car seat right side of the car Emma on the left. We back out and drive down the road. All of the sudden a car comes out of nowhere.

“MOM LOOK OUT!” I scream on the top of my lungs. The car hits us and everything goes black.  I can still hear Ivy screaming.

                 Chapter Two

       Waking up from a nightmare


When I wake up I’m in a hospitable. I’m on a bed and there are tubes connected all over me.

“Wh- what happened?” I mumbled. The nurse that is sitting by me has a pitied look on her face.

“ You were in a car crash. A terrible one. I am so sorry. Your mom and little sister didn’t make it. They were dead by the time an ambulance could get there.” She has tears in her eyes. Or is that just me? Yeah it’s me. My mom… the only adult left to take care of us. Dead. My baby sister. She wasn’t even five months old yet! Suddenly a bigger problem hits me. Who are we going to live with? I ask the nurse if I can see my twin sister. The nurse nods.

“But first we have to clarify something.”

“ What is it?”

“ Where is your father?” There they are. The words that I’ve dreaded my entire life. I can feel them echoing in my head. Then I notice the nurse is smiling at me. What a jerk.

“ He left over six months ago. Around that time.”

“ Good thing we have him in the waiting room then! He’s waiting with your twin and younger sister.”

I get up and I realize my legs are shaking. The man that we were supposed to call dad is in the waiting room. With my not dead siblings. It makes my blood boil. I stomp in the direction of the waiting room. He’s there. My “father”. I know it’s him. His eyes and mouth look just like mine. I make my eyes full of hate. I look at his arms. He has tattoos on him.  One of them says Grim Reapers. Ivy is laughing but Emma has an untrustful look in her eyes. I storm up to him and pick up Ivy.

“Cmon Emma, let’s go look for a real parent.”

He stands up.

“ Like it or not kid. I am your father. Now get your ass moving.” He walks out and we follow, my head hung in anger. As we get in the truck, Emma tries what I tried.

“We’re not gonna come home with you. We have stuff at our house, and you don’t know where that is. You wanna be our dad? Give us some bus money and meet us at the park. Also, for god sakes. LET US MOURN!” My sister yells this part. Ivy starts to cry. Emma barely ever raises her voice. Our father turns to us. We’re a mess. Ivy clothes are dirty, Emma looks like she didn’t get any sleep, and I’m in a hospital gown and my jeans. Ivy stops  crying as we all flinch under his gaze.

“I know I wasn’t there when you needed me. And I’m really sorry about that.” He sighs. I want to believe it’s true. But I can’t.

“Weren’t there when we needed you? Are you fricking kidding me? You were gone for months! And worst of all you took one of my sibling with you!” Yeah, He took my brother.

“  Okay… I am sorry I’ve been a terrible father. But you need to calm the frick down! DO YOU FRICKING UNDERSTAND ME?” He yelled at us as he stopped at a stop light. All of the sudden Ivy starts to scream. Everyone covers their ears as cars behind us honk their horns.

“ SHUT UP!” I yell at Ivy.  She glares at me, rolls her eyes and turns and looks out the window.



They asked me why I was screaming,

  1. My mom died
  2. My sister died
  3. I found out that my dad is a biker
  4. My dad isn’t dead like I thought he was
  5. I found out I have a brother
  6. My brother is my TWIN!

I would be crazy if I didn’t scream. Call me insane, but of course I’ll scream.


I kicked my bed as I waited for daddy to come back from the hospitable.

“ Kaid, I’m home!” I heard my dad yell.

“ DADDY!” I yell as I run into the foyer. Then I stop. There’s three … girls here.

“Daddy? Who are they?”

“ Umm…. Kaid meet… your… sis-”

“ SISTERS? WHERE DID THEY FRIKKEN COME FROM????” I yell at the top of my lungs.  



Clearly this kid was freaking out. Just like he should. Imagine living as long as he has thinking you were an only child.  I glare at our “father” Ivy slowly walks up to him. She starts to rub his back as he breaks down in tears.

“ Shhh, it’s okay. My name is Ivrean. You’re my twin brother. Our mom died in a car accident. Same with our little sister. We share the same parents. But you still own your life and have your own personality and looks. The only thing we have in common is our birthday and we’re part of the same family. That’s it.” She calms him down. I have no idea how she’s able to do that. She did it with Addison as well. Same with… mom.

Our dad walks in.

“Done pouting yet? Good. RIPPER!” He’s holding a beer in his hand. As he yells that last part four puppies and on older dog run  into the room. Emma smiles as she drops to her knees and a puppy approaches her as bold as grass growing.

“ That’s Keeka. She likes you,  …” Kaid says as he tilts his head toward Emma.

“ My name is Emma. This is Kayla, my twin.” She fills in the blank as she points to me.

“Got it. Kayla, Emma, and Ivrean.” He nods as he counts off his fingers.

“ I like Ivy better.” Ivy manges to get through puppy kisses. Kaid laughs.

“ Okay. Ivy. That’s Giggles.”

“ I LOVE HER! Can I keep her?” Ivy squeals. Kaid nodded and Ivy went wild.


Ivy kept Giggles, Emma kept Keeka, and Kayla kept Solemn. I kept Dungen, Ripper is dad’s dog.

“ Dad?”

“ Hmm?”

“ When is the lockdown?”

“ Oh crap! I forgot. INTO THE CAR EVERYONE! INCLUDING THE DOGS!” dad said as he jumped up from his spot in the couch. As we all walked, the puppies trying to trip us. We all piled into dad’s pickup truck.

“ Psst, Ivy!” I whisper in to her ear.


I felt Kaid whisper something in to my ear.

“ Psst, Ivy!”

“ What?”

“At dad’s motorcycle club, there’s two tigers. Spot and Stripes. Their twin brothers.”

“ Oh my gosh! Really???”

“ I kid you not” He grins “ Get it? I KID you not? I’m a kid.”

“Yeah I get it.” I laugh. “Can I tell my sisters?”

“Sure.”  I tell my sisters and they’re as surprised as I am.



Ivy wasn’t kidding, there were two male tiger cubs here.  But I wasn’t interested in the tiger cubs ( Ivy and Kaid were playing with them enough for everyone) I just stared at a cute guy as I held Solemn in my arms.

“That’s Patriot. He’s Gunner’s son. Also he’s the VP.” Kaid said as he came out of nowhere.

“ Holy Crap! You scared me Kaid.” I jumped as I said this. Kaid had gotten up and was holding one of the tiger cubs in his arms as Dungen tried to leap up in his arms too. As a labrador they had long legs and long tails.

“What’s VP?”

“ Vice Prez. If the Prez dies, VP will take his place and everyone will move up a rank leaving a spot ready for a Prospect, at least that’s how it works for this MC, it’s different for every club.”


“ UGGGGHHHH! It’s like you know nothing! A prospect is a biker in training almost. They do some the work. Their working to enter the club and get a patch.”

“ First off you know a lot. Second off, why are they working just to enter some dumb cl-”

“CAREFUL! You don’t want to offend them. This club means everything to them.” He says frantically.

“Fine, Why are they working so hard to get into a club and get a patch?” I whisper, annoyed.

“Search me. I haven’t figured that part out.”

“ It’s because they love Prez.” an unfamiliar voice says. I turn around and I come face-to-face with the “VP”. Kaid just smiles.

“Patriot meet my older sister, Kayla. Kayla, Meet Patriot. Also known as Riot.” He laughs at his joke.

“Why are you called Riot?” I ask him, he just shrugs.

“ I call him that because the girls start a riot about who will be his girlfriend. So when he leaves a room a riot starts. Look.” Kaid says as he points to a couple of girls. Sure enough they’re arguing then they start hitting.

“ Yikes. That’s not good. I finally understand why Prez asked me if my RN should be Riot, ” He said. “Well, better go.” He winked at me then walked away. I felt like starting a riot with any other girl who looked at him wrong.


I looked at Kayla’s blushing face and at Patriot’s body walking away. Then I turned to Kayla.

“ You’re an idiot, Kayla.”

“ Excuse me?”

“ Patriot’s nineteen, what are you? Fifteen?”

“ I’m sixteen I’ll have you know. Also I don’t like him. Seems like a jerk.” She blushed as she said that. I just sighed, shook my head and went back to playing with Ivy and Stripes. Girls. They’re so damn complicated.


“ Hey dad.” I say as I walk up to my father, Gunner.

“ Hey kid. What do ya’ want?”

“ Two things, why are we on lockdown? Also who are the other kids Clueball brought in?”

“Those kids are his, their old lady died in a car crash so he’s their only family. Also the person who was driving the car that killed her, He was a DJ’s deathbed. He did it on purpose.” His dad answered and then continued to yell at a Prospect. I walked over to Ginger.

“ S’up sis?”

“ I’ll tell you what’s up! Dad let you become part of the club, while I’m still a fuckin’ Prospect! I started the same time as you!” She kept ranting on but Patriot wasn’t listening anymore. He was watching Kayla talk to Saddle. He frowned, he knew she wasn’t his but he didn’t like it when she was talking to someone else. He didn’t know what that meant. After all he just met her.

“Were you even listening to me?” Oh shoot she said somethin’.

“Ummmm, yeah. I was. Heard every word.”

“No you didn’t. Too busy staring at that kid. Good luck with that.” She walked off laughing. He just rolled his eyes. All of the sudden this kid in pigtails jumped over to him.

“ HI! You’re cute. Why are ya’ lookin’ at my sis? She gettin’ over a bad break up. My name is Ivrean but everyone calls me Ivy.” She said this all in one long breath.

“Huh? Wha? I’m sorry. What did you say?” He blinked back to Earth. She repeated herself but a lot slowly.

“ thanks for calling me cute, I guess. I’m not looking at your sister. Nice to meet you Ivy, I’m Patriot.”

“That’s a weird name. What’s ya’ real name?” She said as she wrinkled her nose.

“That doesn’t matter. I won’t answer to anything other than Patriot. Maybe Riot.” I smiled.

“ GET YOUR HANDS OFF HER!” I heard Kaid yell. I ran to Kaid and saw Chains touching Kayla, who was screaming, I pulled Kayla away from drunk Chains.

“ TAKE A HIKE CHAINS AND GET FRICKING SOBER!” I roared at him. One of the prospects grabbed him and took him outside. After he was outside I turned to Kayla who had tears running down her face. Then she collapsed. I caught her.

“ Kaid, go get your dad and explain what happened.” I said quietly. Kaid nodded and ran off with Stripes and Dungen chasing after him.


“ Dad…” I said breathless. My dad waited for me to catch my breath. “ Chains was touching Kayla and Riot made him go but Kayla fainted.” My dad nodded and held out his hand to me, I grabbed it and showed him where Kayla was.


“ We could put her in Kaid’s room.” I said and Kaid nodded.

“ Okay.” Clueball grunted as we opened Kaid’s door and he put Kayla on his bed.

“One of us will have to stay in here to make sure she’s okay.” Kaid whispered.

“I’ll stay.” I said.

“Do  you actually think I’m gonna let you stay in the same room, private, with my underage daughter?” Clueball whispered but I could still sense the anger in his voice. I just shrugged and smiled.

“ C’mon’ Kaid, we have got others of your sisses to watch.” Clueball growled and with that they left the room closing the door quietly behind them. I could tell Clueball wanted to slam it. I pulled up a chair and sat down in it. I looked at Kayla more closely. She was beautiful. Full lips and an hourglass figure. Dang it Patriot, stop it, SHE’S UNDERAGE!


I could sense dad’s uneasiness about leaving Kayla alone in the same room as Patriot.

“ Dad?”


“Relax, she’ll be fine. Go get a drink and relax, I’ll watch Ivy and Emma.”

“ Thanks bud.”


“Ugghhh my head…”

“Yeah, ya’ got kinda of a nasty bump there.” An unfamiliar voice said. No, that was a familiar voice. Where did… Patriot. Oh My Gosh Patriot! Do I have bed hair? I shrieked and hid under the blankets, I heard him laugh.

“ Oh my gosh! It’s not funny!!!! I could have bedhead!”

“Relax Kayla, you didn’t sleep in the bed for that long!” then the door opened.

“ Kayla?” Emma asked through the door “am I interrupting something?”
“Nope, you can go now Patriot.” then I heard Patriots footsteps go down the hallway and the door lightly close behind him.

“Wow, He’s cute.” Emma laughed.

“Haha, very funny. Do I have bedhead?” I mumbled peeking out from the blankets.

“Just a bit. Come on, I’ll help you fix it.” She smiled. I walked over to her and she began to brush my hair. It felt so soothing. I fell asleep. When I woke up. Emma was gone and I was curled up in a beanbag. I walked over to a mirror and looked at my hair. Emma had french braided it and brushed my bangs back. I smiled and walked out of the room. When I walked downstairs I saw the guy that had touched me lying in a crumpled heap on the ground. He had a black eye and a few dog scratch marks. Solemn ran up to me whining.

“ Hey girl!” I whispered. I walked over to Emma who had Ivy and Kaid asleep in her lap.

“Need some help?” I asked her. She nodded gratefully and I picked up Ivy.

Cmon’ I motioned. She followed me into the room I was just in and we put Kaid and Ivy down on the bed. We sat down on the beanbag sharing it. Emma began to cry.

“I’m scared Kayla. Our dad shows up outta nowhere and our family is dead. We’re falling apart!” She whimpered. I looked down at my hands. I didn’t know what to say… Or I didn’t want to say anything. I got up and walked out to grab a root beer. I saw Patriot talking to someone else. My face heated up and waited at the bar to ask. Patriot saw me and nudged the other person he was talking to. She walked over to me.

“What do you want?” She asked boredly.

“C-C-C-Can I get a rootbeer and seven-up p-p-p-please?” I stuttered.

“Yeah sure… whatever.” She walked towards a fridge and grabbed two drinks.

“T-T-T-Thanks.” I said quickly and and grabbed them. I knew we didn’t have to pay for it because I’d seen other people take it and walk away. Patriot was staring at me with concern. My face grew hotter and I ran up to the room faster.

“Damn. Great job Patriot, you really messed up this time.” I heard the bartender person said. I raced in the room and closed the door behind me. Emma, Ivy, and Kaid was asleep. I sighed and put the drinks on a desk. I looked around but didn’t find a bathroom. I decided to gather up my courage and go find our “father”. Solemn got up and shook herself.

“Cmon’, let’s go find dad.” I said. We began to wander around and solemn kept trying to jump in my arms. Eventually I let her. I knew what I had to do and I dreaded it. I walked to Patriot.

“Hey kid. You feelin’ okay?” He whispered. My face started to heat up.

“Y-Yeah. U-Um, do you know where my d-d-dad is?” I stammered. I hated how my voice went super high.

“Mmmmhm. Over there in the other room. But I wouldn’t go in there.”

“Why not?”

“Can’t tell ya. But I still wouldn’t do it. He might get mad. And trust me… you don’t want to see Clueball mad.”

“I can handle it.” I squeak. He just shrugs.

“If you say so.”



A couple months later


I walk carefully into the club with Kaid walking next to me.

“Jeez Kayla, you weren’t this nervous when you first came here.” He laughed. I gave him my best older sister glare. I see Patriot start to walk over, and I begin to straighten up my clothes and smooth my hair down. Ivy runs past Kaid and stops in front of Patriot asking him something.


I saw Kayla enter in with Kaid and Ivy. She looked around her gaze stopping on me for a few seconds. And yet in those few seconds I felt proud that her gaze was on me. I start to walk over, but Ivy runs up to me.

“Riot?” she asks with concern in her eyes. I do a mental sigh.


“It’s Kayla, she’s acting weird and it’s scary.”

I was wrong it wasn’t concern, she was completely terrified. Of what, I had no idea. But I needed to find out. Especially if it involved Kayla.

“Cmon’. Why don’t you come with me and explain.” I said lightly, looking over my shoulder at Kayla. She didn’t look any different. Same body… same lips and face… same eyes, and same personality. Don’t even get me started on her skirt… I could see her long legs ready t—. Ivy was nodding her head and I took her into my room.

“So, what’s up?” I asked.

She looked down at her green shoes, her face as red as her hair. Then she looked up, even more scared.

“My sister said if I told you something, she would kill me. But that part is important… I think.”

I got even more worried.

“What if I pinkie promise not to let what you say, affect the way I think about Kayla in any way?” I whispered. She accepted my pinkie weaving her smaller pinkie around, binding me to what I said… at least in little kid terms. But I’m not going to violate her trust… I hope. She took a deep breath.

“Ok… so about a month ago… when we first met you guys…”

A couple month ago

Ivy & Kaid


“Are you okay Kayla?”


“Even if I told you, you wouldn’t understand… so just go away.”

To Be Continued…


Fragile Minds

Life pasts too quickly

Loves goes too silently

They say people are to agile

With their Fragile minds

The box is roaring

My dreams aren’t soaring

My heart isn’t lifting

My mind is too Fragile

They say it’s okay

But really, it’s not

The fragile mind are going by nicely

Yet here I am

Soaring above

My heart in the sand

With my fragile mind

Here the road passes

The loves need glasses

Cheers to the heavens

Here I am

with my Fragile mind

Love needs no introduction

Fragile needs no explanation

My mind is right here

Take it

It’s fragile with the scars

You’ve provided me

And yet…

I’m clean

Magical dreams (BETA)

I’m sorry, but this is in Beta form as well

Magical Dreams.

By dreamywritercom & friend.


Rosy – 7 yr old cat, female, sister to Scarlet

Scarlet – 13 yr old cat, female, sister to Rosy

Lucky – scavenger dog, male, friend to Scares, 8 years old

SnowMane – horse in the magical land, female

ShadowFax – The Leader, unicorn pegasus, stern, male

Flame – a dragon, male, protector to Lucky

Charlie -Gryphon, male, nice, nervous, half blind

Scares – fox, male, friend to Lucky, 8 years old

Painted- Lynx, 13 years old, Doesn’t like Lucky, stays in the forest part of land,


Midnight – old black mortal world cat. In the magical land though.

Mr. Pawsby – cat, male, father to Rosy & Scarlet. Married to Mrs. Pawsby

Mrs. Pawsby – cat, female, mother to Rosy & Scarlet, Married to Mr. Pawsby

Wisty – horse in mortal land. Friend to Scarlet. Female

His Majesty – the evil king of the evil part of the magical place.

Stuart – His Majesty’s lieutenant.

Fang – A trainer wolf, training Painter and Scarlet to be spies.

Woof, Meow, and Yowl. – dog, and two cats. Around 14. Bullies, and tease Painter and Scarlet. Dog male, cats female.

Authors Note

Hello! Welcome to Magical dreams. It’s all in the perspective of Scarlet. She discovers , with her younger sister, this Magical land and figures out that Lucky was telling the truth all along.I am writing this book along with my very good friend. I would like to acknowledge some people. First my friend. I had an idea that we would write a book together. She agreed and we got to discussing what the book would be about. Now I’m going to stop blabbing and let her talk.  

Hi! I’ve always wanted to be an author. dreamywritercom has written some amazing books in the past, that she has shared with me. I loved them and then dreamywritercom offered to do a book together and here we are! 🙂 I would like to acknowledge my step-father who said I could go on the computer which led me to write a book with my friend. Sorry I interrupted you! – dreamywritercom I would like to acknowledge my sister, for helping us come up the the idea for the book. And also, my mother. We’ll let you get on reading! And remember Everyone is Lucky!

Chapter One

Scarlet’s Story.

I walk carefully through the forest, watching the ground for twigs and roots. Suddenly a mouse scurries past my paws. I follow carefully, and quietly. The mouse stills, and I leap onto him, killing him.

Yum! I think, staring at my meal. This one will be good.

I swallow the mouse, then start toward Wisty’s place. I walked over greeting Wisty.  

“Hey Wisty!” I said.

“ What’s up Scarlet? I see you got a catch.” Wisty answers tossing her mane.

“ Rosy’s being Rosy again… in case you’re wondering.” I said. Rosy being Rosy, meant being annoying. All of the sudden there was a scrabble of claws on some concrete.

“ Here we go again…” Wisty mutters.

“Hey, Wisty! Hiya Scarlet!” a voice cries out, and soon Rosy appeared into view. “Wanna play a game you guys? Ooh how about tag! My fav!” she smiles, a big, sweet 7 year old smile. I sigh. Wisty slowly shakes her head and trots to the other side of the yard to give me and Rosy some privacy.

“Sorry, Rosy, no.” I say. Her face falls.

“Oh okay.” she says. “Why don’t you go find your friend and go play?” I say, annoyed.

“I don’t have a friend.”

“Then go make one.”

“Everyone hates me.”

“No wonder” I mutter under my breath. “I’m sure they don’t.” I say more loudly.

“They DO!” she says. Clearly, she is starting to enjoy this.

“Rosy, I don’t have time to play any game. I’m uh…making a school project!” Perfect excuse.  “But we’re on break, remember?” Rosy points, out, pouting.

“Extra credit!” I say lamely. “Please Rosy, just go.” Rosy licks her paw. “No.”

“Rosy, you will leave right now.” I say through clenched teeth. Wisty trots over and breaks in to the conversation.

“ Rosy how about you go ask to play with your parents?”

“ I already asked.”

“ How about you go find that pup… what was his name again? Oh right, Lucky. He might want to play with you.” Rosy thinks about it for a minute and I hold my breath.

“Oki-doki.” And with that she bounds away happily. I shoot a grateful glance at Wisty.

“ Thank you! You saved my pelt!”  I whisper.

“Say it.” She whinnies.

“Fine… but just this once. Horses rock, Cats drop.” I hiss.

She laughs. “Thank you.”

I sigh. “Your welcome. Let’s play something.”

“Sure” she says. But before we can play a game we hear laughing. Rosy suddenly come out of a bush and hits me. Almost immediately after Lucky, a golden retriever mutt, comes after her with an angry look on his face. Wisty whinnied and went galloping off. She’s always been kind of skittish around angry dogs.

“ROSY PAWSBY!!!” I cry, and jump up. Lucky is standing there growling.

“ You have to believe me!” Lucky barked.

“What?” I say, confused.

“She is not believing me!” says Lucky.

“Whatever you say I won’t believe that there’a a secret dimension somewhere.” Rosy retorted.

“ But there is!” Lucky yipes. “ You’re just not smart enough to realize that I speak the truth!” He bares his teeth at Rosy and growls. Scares appears out of the undergrowth and growls at Rosy along with Lucky even though he has no idea what’s going on. I begin to get nervous realizing that the argument is getting pretty serious.  

“STOP!” Scares yelled, Rosy and Lucky freeze.

“What’s going on?” he asks scowling dangerously.

“Rosy doesn’t believe me.” Lucky says, obviously.  

“Doesn’t believe you about what?” asks Scares.

“Everyone sit down, and I’ll explain.” says Lucky.

We all sit on the ground, and Lucky begins.

“A while ago, about a few months ago, I was walking on a cliff. I don’t remember what cliff, just that it was a cliff. And then-”

“See?” Rosy broke in. “he said he doesn’t remember what cliff! So fake. He just doesn’t want us to go and see for ourselves because it ISN’T TRUE!!!”

Lucky glares at Rosy, but continues. “-and then I tripped over a rock, and fell down….down…..down…off the cliff. Then a magical creature caught me and landed on the ground. So I was safe. Then, a unicorn, came out of nowhere and welcomed me. His name was ShadowFax. It was a lovely land, with laughing unicorns, elves, dragons…”

He broke off, looking dreamy.

“Aha! How do we know your not lying?” mewed Rosy.  

The dreamy look vanished off of Lucky’s face.

“I’m not lying!” he said.

“Yes you are.” says Rosy, looking all parent-like.

Lucky’s face turned red.

“I’M NOT!” he exclaimed loudly.

I didn’t want another fight to break out, but Lucky’s fairy-tale was hard to believe.

“Then I’m going to fall off cliffs and get into that land!” Rosy says.

“Good! I hope you fall off the wrong cliff!” Lucky barked.



Rosy started to run towards Big Top Rock, the steepest rock ever here. I ran after her angrily. Lucky rolled his eyes and he and Scares ran after us easily overtaking us. Now, I consider myself pretty fast. But Lucky had long legs and Scares was seriously fast. Lucky jumped in front of Rosy. She conned right into him sending Lucky and her backwards.  I watched with horror as they were trying to regain their footing and the kept stumbling closer to the…edge. I watched as they slipped and went screaming off the edge. Scares immediately launched himself after his best friend.

Here I go…

I cannoned off after Scares with my heart pounding, as we were getting closer and closer to the ground. The wind was whistling past my ears. All of the sudden everything and every sound just stopped.

Are we dead? I thought miserably. I heard Lucky and Scares laugh.

“ SHADOWFAX! You caught us!” They both barked. I opened my eyes hesitantly. We were all on top of a white unicorn with a black mane.

“Whee!” Rosy screams happily as the unicorn zooms down to the ground.

The unicorn landed, and we all got off. Suddenly magic animals came running from behind trees.

“Scares! Lucky! Your back!” they cried. Suddenly, a gryphon galloped to us. “Uhhh, um, no offense Your Highness, but who are these two…um, pigs?” he asks.

“Charlie, these are cats. And I don’t exactly know why they are here.”

I didn’t say anything. I was to astonished to speak.  But Rosy wasn’t.

“You’re real! Sorry Lucky for not believing you.” she apologized.

“No problem,” he says. “Just remember to always believe me.”

“Okay.” Rosy agreed.

“So anyway,” ShadowFax intervened. “Who are you? And what are your names?”

“I’m Rosy, and this is my very annoying older sister, Scarlet.” Rosy answers.

“Ah.” ShadowFax says as he nods in my direction. “What is your family name?” he asks.

“P-Pawsby.” I stutter.

“Flame!” he says, and a dragon appears out of nowhere.

They go off, and have a whispered conversation. Suddenly Lucky and Scares jump up, and their flying!

Rosy follows them, whooping in delight. I try and push off after them, but it’s like home. I can’t fly. ShadowFax and Flame walk over to me. “It’s because of your tail” Flame says.

“My tail?” I ask, looking behind me.

“Yes. The tip is gone. You need a sturdy full tail to fly. Anyways,” he continues. “Me and ShadowFax have decided you can’t go home. Ever.”


Chapter two


“ WHAT? Are you crazy? Our parents would worry sick!” I yelled. Rosy began to cry. Lucky turned away hiding some sort of secret. Scares wouldn’t look us in the eye. I realized something was very wrong here.

“ Why can’t we return home?” Rosy asked quietly. ShadowFax stared at her angrily.

“ Something you must learn is that if you question my orders I can kill you,” He growled. Rosy snapped her mouth shut. “ Flame will protect you.”

“ NO!” Lucky cannoned right at ShadowFax but stopped before he hit him.

“ Flame is MY Protector. You promised that he would be just mine! Give them someone else to watch over them!” Lucky cried.

“ We don’t need someone to watch over us! You know why? Because we’re going HOME!” I snapped.


           “You are NOT!” roared ShadowFax angrily.

            Rosy moved closer to me as ShadowFax glared at us.

           “Fine. Flame with protect Scarlet, and Lucky. SnowMane-” he motioned to a female white horse, standing nearby. “-will protect Rosy, and Scares. Happy?”

           All four of us nodded in unison though Lucky was still grouchy about sharing a protector.

           “Hey, SnowMane!” Rosy says, and runs over to talk with SnowMane. Scares follows, but more slowly.

           “Uh, hi.” says Flame, nervously looking around.  Lucky glares at me, then flies off.

          “I wish I could fly.” I sighed.

          “You can, just get on my back!” says Flame.

          “Really?” I gasp, and leap onto his back.

          From then on, Flame was my flight.



I started to get used to the magical land we were in. Although ShadowFax

was grumpy sometimes, he also could be great at others. Rosy LOVED flying, and I doubt she will ever walk again.

“WHEE!!!!!” she shouted, and zoomed passed my nose.

“ROSY!” I cried,  as I leaped out of the way, just in time.

“Sorry!” she said, and flew off.  I shook my head but didn’t say anything else. Lucky bounded over to me with Scares following him.

“Just so you know, because you can’t fly it means you have to make sure Rosy doesn’t fly into everyone.” he said as we heard a yell from Flame and a sorry from Rosy.

“ I think we proved our point mate.” Scares mumbled and then they ran back into a  “cave” they dug which they called their secret hideout. I sighed. Not because they were wrong. But because it was right. I looked around, at all the entertainment. Rosy was zooming around in the air, and laughing was heard from the hole. Some other magic creatures were flying too. I sighed again. So far, I hadn’t met anybody my age here. I longed for Wisty. I longed for my parents. I longed for home.  I tried to take off, but to no avail. ShadowFax zoomed right past my nose.

“Still sulking?” he asked. I shook my head. Though I was.

“Good.” he said, and smiled. Then zoomed off again.

I decided to go into the forest part of the magical land, the place I hadn’t explored yet. Lucky ran up to me.

“ You don’t want to go in there Scarlet.”

“ Why not?”

“ That’s where Painter lives. She’s real mean.”

“ Haha, very funny. But I’m not falling for that again.”

“ Fine, don’t believe me. Again. I thought you learned your lesson last time you didn’t believe me.” He growled as he walked back to Scares. I rolled my eyes and entered. It was pretty and smelled good, just like the rest of the land. But there was something off about everything as if it wasn’t natural here. I kept walking but my mind was screaming at me to turn back. All of the sudden I was thrown down on the ground and I felt a weight on my back. I tried to scratch my attacker but my claws could get a hold. I let my muscles relax but even that didn’t work. Claws began to dig into my neck. I yowled for help.  

“Who are you?” my attacker hissed.

“I-I’m S-Scarlet.” I stutter.

“Okay….” she said. “What are you doing here? I’ve never seen you before anyways.”

I sigh. “My crazy sister, Rosy sorta fell off the cliff, and I went after her. So…. yeah.”

“Oh. okay. I get it.” She released me. “I’m Painter by the way.”

“Hi Painter.” I said. “Do you like to paint? Since your name is Painter?” I laughed. She rolled her eyes.


“You remind me of Wisty.” I said.

“Who is she?” Painter asked.

“She was my best friend in the mortal world. Kinda skittish around dogs though. Really angry dogs.”

“Well, I don’t like Lucky.” Painter relented.

At that moment, Lucky’s voice wavered through the air. “Scaaaarletttt!!!!” he called.

“Oh brother,” I muttered “ I’m over here Lucky!”

“ Oh, great.” I heard Painter mutter behind me but she didn’t move.

“Oh, it’s you.” Lucky snarled at Painter. “ ShadowFax is coming to make sure  you’re okay Scarlet.”

“Okay.” I say.

He scowled at Painter then walked away.

“Has Lucky ever said anything about,” she hestited. “me?”

“Well, yeah, sorta, if your the big meanie who lives here.” I said.

He eyes sparkled. “Yup, thats me. Anyways, do you want to see inside my den?”

“Sure.” I answered, and we walk inside her large, fantasy den. I looked around and saw a large grandfather clock hanging on the wall, a feather cushion in the corner, a mirror right next to the cushion, a bookshelf, and a place to keep food.

“Nice place you got here.” I said, looking around.

“Thanks.” she answered, and plopped on the cushion. I plopped next to her.

“So,” Painter said once we were cozy. “you hungry?”

“You bet.”

Painter got up, and went to the food bin. She pulled out two small rabbits, and dropped one off by me.

“Thank you.” I said, and start tearing in. “Delicious.” I managed through bites.

She smiled, and started eating hers.

“So, I kinda have a question.” I said.

“Yeah?” she asked.

“Why do you,” I stopped, and finished a bite. “hate Lucky so much?”

She thought for a second. “Well, he is kind of selfish, rude, and outright mean.” she said. “Were you friends with him in the real world?”

“You mean mortal world? Not really, but I saw him a lot. He lived next door. Hard to avoid him”

“I feel bad for you.” she said. Her expression changed, and her face turned dreamy, like when Lucky told us about the magic land.

“So, about the real world,” she said. “is it as amazing as the story’s Midnight tells us?”

“Uh, what does he tell you?” I asked.

“ Well, do all the horses gallop around in fields of grass, and puppies play and..and..”

“yeah, pretty much.”

Painted sat upright. “I want to go there.”

I nearly started crying of homesickness. “Me too.”

“Then let’s go.”

A tear slipped out. “How?” I asked.

“We force it out of ShadowFax.” she said.

“Oh, good idea. Act all rude to the king and die.” I said, my lower lip trembling.

“Oh come ON!” Painter said, and started for the door. “Wait!” I said.

“For what?” she asked.

“For you to change your mind.” I stammered. She looked at me then shook her head.

“ Nope, sorry. No mind changing here.” she said before she ran out.

I sighed and followed. “Prepare to die!” I yelled. She laughed.

We passed Lucky as we went. “Where you going?” he called after us.

“To ShadowFax!”


“To ask him something!”


“About something!”




“Ugh, your so nosy! You can come and die also!” I invited.

“Uh, no thanks.” he muttered and ran off.

Me and Painter laughed, and ran super-fast, and ran smack into…


“Uh, hi..” I stammered.

“What do you want? He asked, grouchy.

“Um, please don’t kill us but…” I trailed off.

“We demand to go to the mortal land. How?” demanded Painter.

Don’t kill us, don’t kill us. I pleaded in my mind. I squeezed my eyes shut, wishing for the warmth of my old home and my mother.


I opened one eye, preparing to see Painter dead, and ShadowFax coming for me. Instead though, I saw ShadowFax…laughing?

“Girls, you know you can’t go to the mortal world, ever, without my permission and magic. Don’t you try to climb up that cliff or,” he broke off and chuckled. “won’t ever be seen again.” he laughed again, then turned away, and disappeared.

“At least we’re alive.” I whispered, shocked.

“Yeah, and we still have one chance.” Painter said.

“What?!” I cried.

“Let’s fly up the cliff!”

“I can’t fly,” I pointed out. “and ShadowFax told us not too.”

She chuckled, like ShadowFax did.

“ShadowFax ‘ain’t ever gonna kill me.” she said.

I stood there, paralyzed. “What? Why?”

“Because, I rule, horses drool.” she said, obviously.

“Hahaha, in the mortal world, Wisty made me say, ‘horses rock, cats drop.’”

“And lynxes are cats. Ugh. how did she do that?” Painter asked.

“Well, uh, Rosy was super annoying, and she got rid of her.” I explained.

“Oh okay. Well, anyway, are we going up the cliff or not?” she asked.

“Not.” I said.

“Anyway, I have to go to ShadowFax, soon because dinner…” she trailed off.

I stared at her. “What?” I asked, beldweird.

“Well… kinda, I’m an orphan” she said.

“Yeah yeah.”

“And ah, well, ShadowFax adopted me.”

“WHAT?” I cried.

“Yup, ShadowFax is my dad.” she said proudly. I just stared at her in disbelief.

“Are you pulling my tail?” I asked.

“ Nope!” She smiled.

“ Are you sure?” I questionly said, tilting my head.

“ I’m as sure, as sure as I am about you falling down a cliff, and landing here.” she laughed.

“ ah, well…”

“ ah, well… yup!” she laughed harder.

“Stop copying me.”

“ Stop not believing me.”

“ Seriously though, I have twelve more minutes before ShadowFax comes out to find me.” she said, and her eyes lingered on mine, before she sighed. “ your welcome to join us.”

“ Really?” I said, overwhelmed. Why would I, a small kitten, want to dine with the leader of this…this….this land. “Look, I would love to but…”

“ No buts.” she broke in, and grabbed my paw, and flew over the grassy hill, landscaping the horizon.

“ w-w-wait….”  I seriously did not want to be rude, but I really felt uncomfortable ruining the king of the lands’ dinner.

Painter giggled, as if reading my thoughts. “ you won’t be ruining it.” she told me, still giggling. “ just being a guest. And,” she stopped, her eyes focusing on something in the distance.

“ what?” I asked.

She didn’t answer, and pulled me into an underground cave.

“ Wha-” she covered my mouth frantically.

I peeked out of the cave, to see a dark black horse, all black, with red eyes, zooming our way. I noticed this field was definitely a pretty one, but with no animals enjoying it, like they usually were.

“ who is that?” I whispered, confused.

“ shh. I’ll explain later.” she whispered back, digging deeper, while I watched the black horse.

She suddenly grabbed my paw, and dragged me in the deepened hole.

The horse flew into the hole, his red eyes darting around. I shuddered.

“ any animals in here?” a hoarse voice asked from above ground, and I realized there were two of the horses.

“ not that I know of. There could be some hiding in holes.” he said back, with a slightly different, but still hoarse, voice.

Painters breath caught as the black horse in the hole moved toward us.

I opened my mouth to cry out, but Painter cut me off, covering my mouth, and shaking her head.

Suddenly, I heard a war cry, and the horses gasped. “ ShadowFax is coming!” they quickly left, flying fast.

Painter breathed a sigh of relief, then turned to me. “ Is it okay, if I explain at dinner?!” I nodded, trembling. “ Thanks.” she flew up the hole.

“ ShadowFax!” I heard. “ Thank you soooo much for saving us!!”

I heard a snort in reply then, “ I came when you didn’t arrive for thirteen minutes. Try not to meddle with the Dark Warriors.” I imagined her nodding. “ ShadowFax, they were terrifying! You have to do something about it!”

I sighed. “ Um, uh, sorry about breaking in, but there is a cat that is very confused, hungry, and cold, down here, and oh, she also can’t fly!”

Painter chuckled.

“ PAINTER! You dragged Scarlet into all this? I thought her life would be better off not knowing about about the Dark Warriors.” ShadowFax boomed.

“ She was visiting me, in my hideout, and when we went to meet you, I kinda invited her to dinner….you know..”

“ Okay. Just don’t let it happen again. Okay?”

“ Okay.”

“ now let’s go eat dinner.”

“ Right. I’m starving.”

“ GUYS!” I yelled. I know it wasn’t very respectful for addressing ShadowFax as, guys, but what else do I call him?  

“ OH YEAH! Scarlet! I nearly forgot!…again.” she said, sheepishly.

“ Hmph.” I muttered, as she flew down, and helped me up.

“ Now you owe me an explanation at dinner, people.” I said angrily. As I said that, a memory of Lucky popped in my mind. It was the yesterday, the first day I arrived, and he had said, “ don’t worry Scarlet. There is no evil animals of any kind here.” I had smiled happily at that. “Wahoo! Wait, are you sure? Sure there isn’t ANY evil animal?” he had nodded.

“ Guys, I might faint of hunger!” Painter growled at us, breaking my through thoughts.

ShadowFax laughed. “ Then let’s go eat, Painter.”

I didn’t move, I felt uncomfortable just leaping on one of their backs, when Painter pushed me up on ShadowFax.

“ Uh…” I mumbled. I only had a few seconds to stable myself before ShadowFax took off. “ AAAH!” I screamed, closing my eyes, and gripping ShadowFax’s mane.

Painter and ShadowFax laughed at me, as we flew into the horizon.


Chapter three

Dark Warriors.


“ Okay, so now tell me about these, ‘Dark Warriors.’” I said, casually.

Panter glanced at ShadowFax. He nodded his ok.

“ Well, um,” she broke off, and took a bite of fish. “ this land isn’t perfect, Scarlet. There are bad animals around here. Their leaders are these Dark Horses, and they rule everywhere here. We can never locate their Fortresses, so we can’t destroy them with our magic.” I gasped. “ they attack small helpless magical creatures, and force our secrets out of them. Then they must join the Dark Warriors. If not..” she broke off, shaking her head, and silently continued to eat.

“ The Horses are the most powerful animal in all of this realm. Even for the Dark Warriors.” ShadowFax continued. A look of worry covered his face.  

“ we are scared that the Dark Warriors will somehow make it up the cliff although magic makes it so animals can only come down, and not up. But, I have special magic to occasionally let a stray animal back home.” I glared at him, mad that me and Rosy couldn’t go back.

“ Sorry.” he said to me, reading my mind. “ but… nevermind.”

The silence at the table lasted only a minute, because it was broken by shrieks of joy outside. “ That’s strange.” ShadowFax said, looking at the window. “ I sent word out that the Dark Warriors are on the loose. I wonder who’s out there…” I pushed past him angrily and went to the window.

“ ROSY PAWSBY!” I screamed.

She looked at me, startled. Her pink fur gleamed in the sunset, and the pretty scene broke, when a dark figure grabbed Rosy.

“ ROSY!!!!” I cried, and ran outside, Painter right behind me. Before we could reach her, another Dark Warrior grabbed us from behind.

The last thing I saw before darkness was ShadowFax’s startled and scared face.


                                              * * *


“ Whe…where are we?” I asked, sleepily opening my eyes. Rosy was asleep on the floor next to me, and Painter was hurriedly pacing the tiny cell we were in. “ We are in a Dark Warrior cell. They are going to come into the cell in exactly twenty-five minutes!” Painter answered.

I shrieked, the sound echoing of the stone walls. “ WHAT?”

Painter shushed me quickly. “Shh, we don’t want them to know we are awake!”

“ Why?” I asked. I had, had enough!

“ because they might come in sooner, and they might think the sleep pills didn’t work.”

“ Did they?”

“ yeah, but they don’t have a big effect on lynxes.”

“ oh, so how long was I asleep?”

“ well, I know for a fact I was asleep for two hours, and then I heard the warriors talking. They said they would come back in five hours, and I heard them talking again about ten minutes ago. They said they would come in about thirty-five minutes, its been around nine, ten minutes, so in about twenty-five, or twenty-four they are coming!!”

I nearly screamed again, but stuck my paw in my mouth. “ so what do we do?!”

Her eyes sparkled. “ pretend to be asleep, silly.”

“ ohh, okay.” I said. I can do that. At least I think I can.

Rosy opened one eye sleepily. “ oh no!” I said.

“ Shh. look,” Painter pointed to a box of sleeping pills.

I grinned mischievously, and gave one to sleepy Rosy.

“ Thanks.” she said, before dozing off again.

“ That takes care of Rosy.” I murmured.

“ Yup. she’ll be asleep for another,” she paused to calculate. “ for about another seven hours at least.”

“ that’s good.” I spoke softly.

“ yeah, OH NO! I hear footsteps!” she warned.

I listened, and sure enough, I heard the footsteps of an animal.

I fell to the ground, next to Rosy. Painter fell next to me.

“ They are still asleep, Your Highness.” a voice said.

“ Ugh! They are asleep?! The pills were only to last seven hours!” someone else growled.

“ I know, Your Majesty. I guess they might’ve taken another one, when they woke.”

“ Absurd! Wake them Lieutenant!”

“ Yes Your Majesty.”

I felt someone push me roughly.

I pretended to wake up.

“ huh? Where am I?” I asked. I looked up, into the eyes of a grumpy bear, with a black horse behind him.

“ This one’s awake now, Your Majesty.” the bear said.

“ I see, Lieutenant! I am not blind.” the black horse said, scowling. “ Cat! Come here.”

I slowly padded over to him I looked at my front paws. I couldn’t look him in his eyes.

“ Look at me!” he bellowed.

I slowly raised my eyes. His eyebrows furrowed.

“ Tell me. What is your name?”

“ S-Scarlet.”

“TELL ME YOUR NAME!” someone roared. I whipped around, and saw Rosy scowling at the bear. “ I won’t!” she said. Painter looked worriedly at her. “ Stubborn goat. TELL ME!”

Rosy blinked. “ Your not my mother.” she said.

“ Tell me right now or…” he searched for a threat. “ We’ll never let you go!”

Rosy stood firm though. “ You wouldn’t anyway. You meanie, bully.” she broke off, as the bear moved closer.

“ R-R-Rosy.” she stammered.

“ Good!” the bear smiled. “ If you need to address me, call me, Stuart. And this here,” he motioned to the horse. “ Your Majesty, Your Highness, yeah, you get it.”

Me an Painter nodded in unison, but Rosy was still.

“ I DON’T GET IT!” she yelled.

“ What don’t you get Rosy?” I asked, speaking gently.


Painters eyes flashed. “ They want to keep us here Rosy, because,” she stared hard into the black horse’s eyes. “ because, they want our secrets. And,” she motioned to Stuart. “ capture our animals.” she glowered.

The horse and Stuart chuckled, as if sharing a private joke. “ Kid, cat, whatever, all you need to do, is spy on the animals in the world out there. Don’t tell your parents anything or else.” the horse glared.

“ Excuse me, horse, rude guy, our parents are in the mortal world. We can’t tell them anything.” Rosy explained, then started weeping.

Me and Painter stared into each other’s eyes, uncertainly.

“ take her to the baby department. How old is she?” the horse asked me.

I lifted my chin defiantly. “ me and Painter are thirteen. Rosy is staying with us.” I told him, eyes flashing. Painter nodded agreeing.

Rosy may be annoying, but she is my sister, and I love her.

“ I asked you, How old is she?!” he roared. I noticed his face was no longer black, but red.

“ She is umm, seven.” I murmured, still.

Rosy froze, her eyes looking everywhere but at us.

“ Hm. still small enough for the little kid department. Take these two,” he pointed to me and Painter. “ to the training room. Tell Fang to train ‘em.”

Stuart nodded, then bowed. “ Yes Your Majesty.” he pushed me and Painter out of the room.

I yowled in protest, and scratched him.  

He ignored me, and dragged me down the hall. I saw a map on the left side, but payed it little attention. And then we arrived in a dark room. “ Two more, Stuart?” a voice asked.

All I saw was two glowing red eyes in the darkness.


Chapter four.

Spying on the Magic Land?


Suddenly the room was bathed in a dim lightness.

“ Hi….” I muttered, scared,  and sad.

“ Hello.” the gruff voice said, and when my eyes adjusted to the dimness, I saw a wolf, with sharp teeth, staring at me and Painter.

I shuddered, but Painter stepped forward boldly. “ Sir, I do not mean to be disrespectful, but WHO ARE YOU?!”

The wolf seemed to be taken aback by her question. “ I am Fang. I mean you no harm, honestly.”

I looked closer at Fang, and noticed his eyes were pale blue, not red, and I realized it must have been Stuarts eyes I had seen, not Fang’s.

“ Now it is my turn. What are your names, and how old are you?”

“ I am Painter, and I am thirteen. I will be fourteen in one month.”

He turned is attention to me. “ and you, little cat? Let me guess, ten?” he asked.

He had insulted me, but I barely flinched. He caught me mad, more then anyone here. I bared my teeth. “ Why do you need to know?”

He sighed, a long, exasperated sigh. “ I need to address you somehow, and I want to know how old you are. Oh, and what are your talents?”

Painter answered, I hung back. “ I like to paint.”

He turned to me. I gulped, but answered honestly. “ I am Scarlet, and I’m thirteen, fourteen in August, and I like to talk with friends, play tricks on friends, and run in beautiful fields of flowers, NOT trapped in a prison cell, with friends.”

He grinned, finding my insult as a joke. “ Very funny, Miss Scarlet. Now lets begin.”

I scowled.

He told us to stand normally. We did, except we both were scowling.

He sighed. “ I said, stand normally. I bet you don’t always stand scowling at everything.”

I relaxed my scowl.

“ That’s better. Now I want to be a normal creature, and YOU, need to spy on me.”

We stalked him quietly.

After we trained for awhile, I learned how to walk quieter than any cat has ever walked.

I also learned how to spy on animals without them knowing I was spying.

“ This is kinda fun.” Painter whispered to me, as Fang crept around the dim room, setting obstacles up.

“ A little.” I whispered back. “ But we have to get home soon. We can’t live here forever.”

“ I agree. But Fang might-”

“ Shh.” Fang warned us, his eyes searching the room. He grabbed a pole, and set it up a foot high.

“ thats high, Fang, can you lower it?” Painter asked, staring warily at the pole.

“ No, sorry.” Fang answered.

“ Ugh, no-one can ever jump that.” I swept my paw in gesture towards the pole.

“ Try it, Miss Scarlet.” Fang told me.

I backed up, then shot forward, my legs moving as fast as my heart.

I leaped through the air, and cleared the jump by two inches.

“ Good job, Miss Scarlet. Miss Painter? Your turn.”

Painter warily, and slowly backed up. “ O-o-okay.”

She shot forward, with such speed, I thought she looked more like a rocket then lynx. She zoomed past my nose, and I heard wind whistling.

She was moving fast, but also silently. All you saw was a blur.

“ Wow, Painter, you can move fast!” I told her, watching the blurry movement.

“ Yes, Miss Painter is very fast.” Fang agreed.

I watched Painter silently gather herself for the jump.

She leaped, and landed silently on the other side. “ How’d I do?” she asked with a grin.

“ Amazing!” I yelled. “ You were like a tornado!!”

She blushed. “ Thanks.” she mumbled.

“ No, Miss Painter, honestly you were amazing. Now off to bed with you two, it is well after nine. Go down the hall, and to the left is the Older Animal assemble. Go nowhere else.”

I took a deep breath. “ What about my little sister, Rosy?”

He stared me in my eyes. “ You will probably never see her again. I apologize, Miss Scarlet. It is His Majesty’s orders not to get the groups mixed up.”

I nodded my eyes lowered. “ where is the little kid department?”
He nodded, and his eyes softened. “ Ah. you wish to sneak in Miss Scarlet.”

I shook my head. “ no, nevermind.”
He nodded again, understandment in his eyes. “ Now you are a coward.”

He turned, and left, his footsteps fading away.

I turned to Painter, eyes blazing. “ Follow me.” I ordered. “ and keep quiet!”

I ran down the halls, keeping my eyes on the left side.

“ I don’t know why your doing this,” Painter grumbled. “ but I’m keeping faith to my loyalty.”

I nodded. “ Thanks.”

I found the map on the wall, and looked at it quickly.

“ OH!” Painter exlaimed. “ You want Rosy, correct?”

I nodded. “ I was worried Fang would tell.”

“I would be.” Painter agreed.

“ Who wouldn’t be?”

I tore my eyes from the map, and scurried down the hall, making no noise.

Painter followed.

We arrived quickly to a room labeled: LITTLE ANIMALS UNDER NINE I turned to Painter, fear in my eyes. “ It looks like a dungeon.”

Painter nodded. “ Ours probably looks the same.”

I shoved the door open, and ran over to where Rosy was lying.

“ Rosy, Rosy, its me, Scarlet, and Painter.” I whispered frantically.

Rosy opened her eyes. “ Its you!” she laughed.

“ Yes, but me and Painter have to go.”

Her eyes filled with tears. “ But, there isn’t anyone nice here.”

I looked around. There were four other animals, but black, with glowing red eyes.

“ They teased me.” said Rosy, tearfully. “ And pushed me around, and shoved me, and…and….”

I hugged her, a sisterly hug.

She hugged me back, and smelled of dust and dirt. I wrinkled my nose and sneezed.

She giggled, but not for long. “ will we ever get out of here?” she asked, as her eyes filled again.

“ I don’t know.” I said. I hugged her again.

“ What’s going on on here?” a voice asked, and we whipped around.

His Majesty and Stuart were standing in the doorway.

I wasn’t scared. I was too angry to be scared. I ran over and shoved him.

Painter followed my lead.

Stuart grabbed us, and dragged us to the older kids department.

He threw us in, and slammed the door shut.

I lay there panting. Painter lay next to me.

I looked up, and saw a few other cats, and a dog standing over us.

They were laughing and panting, mimicking us.

I growled, and scratched them. They yowled, and ran away.

I smirked at Painter. “ took care of them, quite well, don’t you think?”

She nodded, but her eyes were full of fear.

For my two days knowing Painter, I’ve never seen her scared. Now she was.

“ It’s going to be okay.” I whispered, through, I wasn’t sure.

I helped her up, and we crept together towards an empty pallet.

I fell asleep as soon as my head it the hard bed. The last thing I heard was snickering from the other kids.


                                                * * *

I woke immediately to yelling.

I looked over my shoulder, and saw Painter was gone.

I clawed my way from the pallet, and ran from the room, ignoring the other animals whispers and snickers. I dashed down the corridor, and saw Painter fighting with His Majesty.

“ Once Scarlet wakes, you will go and spy on ShadowFax. Go wake her, Painter!!!!” His Majesty roared.

Painter sullenly left, casting glares over her shoulder now and then.

I ran forward, purposely surprising her.

“ Oh, Scarlet! They want us to spy on ShadowFax, Midnight, Flame, SnowMane, and everyone! They put tracking devices on us somewhere, and I can’t find it!”

I gasped at the new news. “ WHAT?”

“ yeah.” she said sadly. “ lets go.”           

“ do we…have to?” I asked. This is too much!

“ YES! We have to!” Painter angrily yelled.

“ OKAY! You don’t have to yell!” I yelled back, just as angry.

“ If your crazy sister wasn’t as obnoxious, we wouldn’t be here right now!” Painter stormed.

“ Well, if your father just LET US GO, she wouldn’t be here!”

We glared at each other. My face felt hot, and I felt super angry towards Painter.

I sighed. “ Look, fighting won’t get us anywhere, will it?!”

She nodded, and the anger disappeared from her face, and it was replaced with worry.

I bet my face was the same.

“ Lets go. We can’t tell ShadowFax right?”

She nodded. “ We can’t have any ideas?”

I thought for a moment. Then I had it! I nodded once, then put my paw to my mouth.

She nodded, and acted sullen, and quiet. She was a good actress! I thought.

“ Okay then. Lets go…” she mumbled.

I nodded, my eyes on hers. “ lets go!”
I hopped on her back, and we flew through the doors.

“ Finally!” I called down to Painter. “ Fresh beautiful air!”

“ I know right?!” she called back.

I hopped off, and we took the enjoyment of running around the field, and laughing together. It felt like old times.

“ Now let’s go spy on ShadowFax!” Painter said.

“ Okay, but are you sure we HAVE to?!” I said, pretending to be sad and shocked. It wasn’t hard; the sadness hasn’t left yet.

“ Okay!”

We ran through the field, and arrived at the castle. We zoomed in, and I grabbed a piece of paper.

ShadowFax looked up, surprised at our entrance. “ Girls! Your back! What happened there? Did you memorize the route to the Fortress? And where’s Rosy?”

I showed him the paper. It read: The Dark Warriors captured us.we were sent to spy on you. ShadowFax looked at us with fear in his eyes.

They put devices on us, and can listen in on us. They can also track us. Please don’t say anything we have just told you.

“ Girls, I want to know, where is Rosy?” ShadowFax asked, winking, but with no smile.                                                                         

“ she is around, playing games.” Painter told him, cracking a small smile.

“ okay, thanks.” he answered, drawing a piece of paper.

I looked at what he wrote. This is what he said: Lead me to the Fortress girls, we need to claim Rosy back, and declare war.  

I looked at Painter sideways. I didn’t want war. I wanted only peace. I shrugged.

We should stay awhile so they don’t get suspicious. I scrawled.

ShadowFax nodded. “ Why don’t you go play girls? I’ll just go around with these papers…” he pointed to the door.

We understood. We fled out the door.

Sniff me! Painter ordered on a leaf.

“ okay.” I said, and snuffled around on her body.

When I came to her neck, I noticed a gemstone collar, covered in rubies and diamonds.

I stared hard at it, then rubbed my eyes with my paw. Was it my imagination, or was there a small tracking device with a microphone?

I scratched it off.

“ Thanks!” she said, taking it from me. She first clawed it as if it was a mouse, then threw it far….far… away.

“ MY TURN!” I mewed loudly. Painter found and bit mine. I clawed at mine, then threw it too.

“ I don’t want  war.” I told her.

“ Me neither. Painter agreed. “ we should do something.”

I stared at the high sun in the sky.

“ Later.” I told her. “ Right now let’s go find everyone!”

She stood from the ground, and shook herself off. “ Yes!”

I looked the west. “ Oh no.” I muttered.

Painter looked were I was staring. “ oh gosh.” she said, copying me.

“ WHY?!” I yowled, angrily scuffing my paw in the dirt.

Painter nodded. “ Lets hide.”

Before we could, the enemy spoke. “ Hey guys! What happened to you?!”

Lucky sniffed us. “ I don’t recognize that smell. Where were you?”

Scares trotted up behind Lucky.

He gasped. “ Dark Warriors!”

Lucky wrinkled his little black nose in confusion. “ Black Warriors?”

Scares took his paw. “ Come Lucky.” he said. “ and I’ll tell you all about them.”

Lucky looked worriedly at us. “ …but, I wanted….I want to….are they okay?”

Painter nodded. Her voice and eyes softened. “ Don’t worry Lucky. We’re okay. We’ll come with you and Scares, and tell you guys what happened.”

Scares nodded, looking at me. “ Yay.” he said, grinning.

We walked into there hideout, and found it was not that bare.

The walls were covered in pictures of Lucky and Scares together. I looked harder. Was that just me, or did Lucky and Scares look younger?

They did. They looked like small puppies.

I nudged Painter, and pointed at the paintings.

“ I painted those, if your wondering.” she said, staring at them.

“ no, like, are they puppies?” I whispered.

“ Yeah, we were pups.” Scares interrupted.

“ oh, nice.” I mumbled.

Lucky stared at us, not the paintings. “ SO WHAT HAPPENED?!” he yelled, the sound echoed of the dirt wall, reminding me of when we were in the cell. I shuddered, then remembered Rosy. “ ROSY!” I screamed.

“ Rosy did it?” Lucky asked, shaking his head. “ that trouble maker.”

“ no, no, no, a Warrior captured her, and we tried to save her, but got captured ourselves. And then, they gave us sleeping pills, and took us to a cell…”

I told them the whole story. They looked sympathetic when I mentioned the snickers.

After I told them, I lay down, exhausted, and told Painter to represent the plan.

“ What plan?” she asked, confused.

I rolled my eyes. “ any plan.”

She shrugged and began. “ well, how about, we uh… we, um, ShadowFax…umm….”

Scares broke in. “ How about you show ShadowFax where the Fortress is, and then you go in, as if life’s normal, give false reports, and then, we break in the next day, and you know.”

“ IT’S PERFECT!” me and Painter yelled together.

I sat up straight. “ Painter, lets go.”

“ where?” she said, with confusion on her face.

I rolled my eyes again. “ To ShadowFax. C’mon Painter.”

Painter stared at me in shock, as I walked to the door.

“ Wait for me!” she called, and leaped after me.

I chuckled as we ran through the clover and daisy fields. I smelled the fresh air. “ this place may be a battlefield before long.” I said allowed.

“ Yeah….” Painter mumbled, spaced out.

“ we’re getting close to ShadowFax’s place.” I said, keeping my eyes on the roses wavering around.

“ Nope.” Painter corrected. “ we’re here!”

I laughed, and we ran inside.

“ ShadowFax!” Painter said, breathlessly.

ShadowFax raised his elegant head. “ Yes?”

Painter receited our plan.

“ Great plan girls!” ShadowFax said, smiling. Then he frowned, with worry.

“ now I’m guessing you are going back to the fortress?”

We nodded. “ we have to!”

ShadowFax smiled again. “ okay, thanks.”

“ We’ll take care of ourselves!” Painter called as we ran out the door.

I stared at the setting sun. “ we have to hurry.” I warned, as we dashed across the field. Painter nodded, and her face was faced toward the sun. “ Follow me!” she said, and shot faster. I followed her lead, but my legs were nothing compared to Painters. She was a blur again.

We zoomed and dashed through the flowers and grass. I watched the blades wave around in the gentle soothing wind.

I smiled, but it faded quickly. I raised my nose in the air.

I smelled something musty.

The Fortress was just ahead.


                                           * * *

Me and Painter scurried inside the building, and the door closed with a loud, thud. I winced at the sound.

Stuart came stomping down the steps. “ Your microphones were lost, Miss Scarlet and Painter.”

I blushed, my face turned blotchy red. “ We-ell….” my face turned redder. How were we going to explain this?

Stuart opened his mouth.

“ It must have come off. Somewhere. We don’t remember feeling anything.” Painter popped in.

Stuart closed his mouth. “ Good.” he said. “ Now back to your rooms. Immediately, you hear?”

We nodded. He grunted, then left,

We, giggling, made our way to Rosy’s department. We opened the door.

Rosy was snoring on her bed. I looked at her. “ oh, Rosy.” I sighed.

We closed the door softly behind us, and ran into our room.

“ lookie here!” said the dog, lying on his stomach on a pallet. “ The new kids are here.”

The cats snickered. “ yup. What are your kiddos names?”

We glared at them. “ Our parents told us not to give out personal information to bad-guys.” I said.

“ and you definitely apply to bad-guys.” Painter stepped in, growling.

They rolled their eyes. “ Well I’m Wooferwoofwooffunnyness, but you can call me, Woof.”

“ and I’m Meowmeowtroublemeanie, but just call me Meow.” said one of the cats.

“ and I’m Yowlsnarltroublemaker but call me Yowl.” said the other cat.

“ at least we have decent names.” I muttered to Painter.

She nodded, with a look of disgust.

“ look, I know we are scary, and maybe a little ugly, but,” the cats meowed in protest. He glared at them “ ugly, but, we look handsome and cute to the other um, bad-guys, here.”

“ how could anyone call you cute?” I asked in true wonderment. He scowled.

The cats laid their ears back, and sneered.

“ Fine, fine, my name is Scarlet.” I relented. Painter scowled at me. “ don’t lie…” she said, winking.

I hid a smile behind my paw. “ Oh, sorry. My names Sally…”

They all laughed. “ nice name.” they snickered.

“ humph.” Painter interrupted. “ my name is Angel.”

They stared at her. “ COOL!” Meow said. Yowl and Woof nudged her. “ I mean, ‘HOT!’

Me and Painter laughed so hard, we started crying.

Meow, Yowl, and Woof, stared at us, seemingly interested.

I looked at them, then attacked. Painter followed me.

“ GOOD IDEA SCARLET!” she yelled.

“ Scar-Sca-Sc-Scarl-Scarlet?” gasped the trio.

“ And Painter!” I said, grinning down at them.

“ YOU ARE LIERS!” snarled Meow.

I bit at them, and Woof ran away, tail tucked.

I stared fighting Yowl. Yowl was a good fighter, except the fact she was lazy and hadn’t fought in years. Pampered cat. I thought to myself, as the coward scurried away, snarling.

I looked over, and Meow was fighting Painter. I ran over to help Painter, but Painter pushed me away. I watched just a foot away.

Suddenly, I heard the door creak open. Everybody froze, ears twitching.

WHAT is going on in here?!” roared a voice, and Fang leaped in, baring his teeth.

Yowl, Meow, and Woof pointed at us. “ They started it.” they said.

Painter groomed her fur. “ What?” she said, in mock surprise. “ I thought you were bullying us.”

“ No we weren’t!” they cried. “ We were giving you uhh… gifts! And you attacked us!”

Painter stood up, and slowly stepped toward Fang.

Fang backed away.

Painter kept on advancing towards him when….

WHAM! The window shattered, due to a rock hitting it.

“ AH!” I yelled, and jumped behind Painter.

The trio smirked.

“ LET PAINTER, SCARLET, AND ROSY GO!” a voice boomed, and ShadowFax zoomed through the window, then stopped short when he saw Fang.

“ Fang!” he said in surprise. “ y..y..you g..got c..c..captured b..b.b.by t…the b..b.b..black warriors a while ago!”

Fang stood there, just as surprised as ShadowFax. “ ShadowFax.” he whispered, as a big smile spread on his face.

I pulled Painter aside. “ Why is ShadowFax acting like he knows, and likes, Fang?”

“ Dunno.” she answered, tossing her head. “ But I think that they are old friends, y’know?”

I nodded, my eyes fixed on them. “ I know.” I said softly, thinking of Wisty.

Wisty seemed so old, and forgotten now, and my eyes filled with tears. I turned my head away.

“ Painter, Scarlet, you’ve met Fang, right?”

We nodded.

“ Well-wait, who are these…these warriors?”

I turned to look at Yowl, Meow, and Woof, cowering in a corner.

“ GO ON! GO!” ShadowFax roared at them, and they fled.

“ I’m going to get Rosy.” I whispered to Painter, then ran down the hall.

“ Rosy!” I yelled, bursting through the door. “ ShadowFax is here, and we need to leave-”

“ Who is here, Miss Scarlet?” His Majesty asked, looking over his nose at me.

“ ShadowFax… he is uh..” I trailed off. What could I say? That the leader of the good animals is here, and he wants to make war, so prepare? I was stuck, and caught.

Then I thought of something. “ Its a…a..a stuffed animal, Rosy had before and uh…we named him ShadowFax….” I winced.

“ and her can fly, and walk.” His Majesty drawled, bored.

“ Yup!” Rosy jumped in. “ It’s a very special and robotic toy!”

“ Very nice. Except one thing. You are not to leave the room, AND your trying to let Miss Rosy!” he said, scowling.

I gulped. “ O-o-okay.” I stammered.

“ Don’t let it happen again. Now go, back to your room!”  

I nodded once, then sullenly padded back to the room.


To Be Continued…