Only read if 10+

So… I have the same CREEPY dream. I would think it’s creepy anyways.

Just to make sure…

Anyone who has the name in this dream, Please do not be offended… I don’t have anything against the names… these are the names that happen to be there…

This is a reoccurring nightmare I continue to have EVERY night…
*enter dream sequence sound*
So, I’m fifteen and I have a neighbor that is a college kid. She lives to the right of my house. We’re super close and her name is Jessica. She also is a biker and her road name is Yellowfang (Yes… I know. Warrior Cats)

Anyways, it’s eleven or ten when the dream starts. I’m hanging over at her house and my parents are asleep. I have my backpack that I had in third grade. It’s black with spiky things on it. Pretty dark out. It’s around twilight (not the movie…*tjeaacmbo!*)

So I’m climbing over my fence and there’s this van parked in front of her house. I have only one leg over the fence. The window rolls down and there’s this super creepy dude poking his bald head out. His eyelids are red and he’s skinny. He looks like he does every kind of drug imaginable. His name is Tyler. (I don’t know how I knew this in the dream… I just do.)

Anyways… he’s ultra-creepy. He like, beckons me over with his head and I pull my leg back and start to back towards my house. My eyes are glued and I’m shaking my head. He gets out and starts walking towards me, slowly. My backpack is over my shoulder and my door is locked. Tyler is walking closer to me, getting faster. I start to run towards my door and my backpack falls off my shoulder onto the ground.

I’m just standing there like a freaking idiot and staring at it, trying to figure out if I should pick it up or not.

During this entire thing I’m not yelling for help or anything. No… I’m silent.

So, Tyler grabs my arm and pull me towards him. His voice is super raspy and he whispers that I need to help him find his phone. He starts to pull me into his van and-

I wake up.

I’ve had this nightmare every night. Really creeped out.

I know that certain dreams can mean things in real life.
So if you know what this means, please tell me. Cause I’m scared just writing this.

Tyler haunts me whenever I’m alone. If I’m in a room alone he’s behind me whispering in my ear again and again…