Look within the spirit inside

It hides and doesn’t want to hide

But we search for everything we do

Knowing what we are but not who

I could go looking

Outside my home

Or perhaps I could go looking inside of Rome

Or maybe outside quiet in there

Sometimes we need to do what we don’t want to

So we might be looking in the wrong place

We shouldn’t be looking outside our homes

We shouldn’t be looking neither in Rome

We should be looking quite more deeper

We should be looking more inside

We  should be looking at our family

we should be looking at our culture

We should be looking inside our home

It doesn’t matter our goal

We should be looking where we come from

We should be looking at ourselves

Not the blame we place on someone

Not the hate we pin on each other

Not the discrimination we places on races

Not the stereotypes we lay on Culture

We should be looking inside

For who we are

And who we will become!


As some of you might know last week there was a shooting at a shul in Pittsburg. 11 people were killed and some are still in critical condition. The oldest of the people killed was a 97 year old holocaust survivor. Which according to Google they were just 25 years old then. To survive hitler (he was a jerk, I would use a stronger more mean word but I’m not allowed to cuss. A story is a different thing.) and then die because of a freaking anti-semitic (doesn’t deserve to be capitalized.) is unimaginable. The youngest was 52, I think. It’s just terrible.  At my shul on Shabbos there were cops patrolling the neighborhood and outside. It’s wonderful that there are people who care. But then there are people who don’t.

For instance my mother and I went into a bookstore, and when we ere checking out this lady kept harassing us to buy a membership cad thingy. My mother kept telling her no. But then she brought up the holidays. Finally my mother told her we were jewish. She said this:

“Oh. I’m so sorry about Pittsburg.” Thanks for reminding us… 😡

Mother: “Thank you. It’s been a hard week.” Pro Mom!

Cashier: “Oh, for the Christians too!”

It’s not like I have anything against Christians or anything, my BTCFF (Best Traffic Cone Friend Forever) is one, and I know that doesn’t I know everything about Christianity, I mean maybe the cashier was trying to comfort us in some strange way. I don’t know.

I know it’s short and I haven’t written anything  yet, but I’m going to eat dinner soon. Thanks guys! (the image is Leafpool.)


Destiny isn’t a path any cat follows blindly. It’s always a matter of choice, and sometimes the heart speaks loudest.”

Leafpool, Sign Of The Moon, pg. 108


Fasts And reviews (SPOILER ALERT)

So just on Sunday I had to fast… religious reasons. Anyway during to the fast we also had to be sad so my mom and I watched sad movies. But only until like one in the afternoon. Anyway I watched some pretty sad movies. And I told my mom no Holocaust movies. (If you are one of those people that believe it didn’t happen, please leave my blog. It did happen… it’s in the history books!) And what am I doing? I’m writing a review!

  1. After the rain-  What could be better about a guy who gets cancer and leaves behind his mother and girlfriend right? And even better it’s based off a true story! That was sarcasm all the way. But this movie has truth behind it. That kind of movie is sad but I’m glad they exist, other wise those people would die and eventually no one would remember them. Also I’m sooooo (spoiler alert!!!!!) glad he didn’t burn the pictures like he said he did! So on a one to five on the depressing movie scale I give it a four!
  2. The Fault in our stars- two teenagers both with terminal cancer fall in love. Sweet story. But not a true story. Hazel thinks she’s going to die but (spoiler alert!!!!!) then Gus dies before her.  After he dies her dad sits her down and says that how she feels when Gus dies is what they’re going to feel like when Hazel dies. (she’s going to die because she has stage four lung cancer.) They’ll feel sad, but the only reason they’re just trying to keep her alive longer is because it was an honor to see her and meet her while she was alive. (my mom pointed this out) She also pointed out that why Hazel hate the author dude is because she’s worried that will happen to her parents, that they’ll just fall apart. That also might be why she’s so insistent on what happens at the end of the book. But the author doesn’t know, because he’s just to heartbroken (The book was made for his daughter who died.) So on the scale I give it a full five!
  3. The age of Adaline- I’ll try not to spoil it too much, but if you’ve never seen this movie I seriously recomend it!!!! ( Sorry for any misspells.) It’s happy but has sad parts in it. At least it has a happy ending.  It’s about this woman who suddenly stops aging. By the time she does (spoiler alert!!!!! Sorry!) dies she’s 107. But don’t worry the story doesn’t end there. Also I’ve never seen a grown woman so happy to find a gray hair.  On the scale I give it a six! But it’s not that depressing, so the scale is wonky to begin with.

Thank you!


Stop hating yourself for everything you aren’t and start loving yourself for everything you are -Recoveryexperts.com


There are so many haters in the world. Haters against muslims, jews, LGBT, immigrants, African Americans, and so many more. How did this happen? Why did this happen? Why are so many people filled with hate for others that aren’t like them? Is this what our world has come to? Hating people instead of accepting?

I’m shocked when I hear that children are being ripped from their families arms, that people are shooting others for no other reason than hate. Why? Why are people doing that. In the end we’re ALL HUMAN BEINGS! Are we incapable of not hating? Why are we doing this? Is the world so messed up that we can’t think about hate? This just makes me so sad that this is what we’ve come to. I’m saying “we” because I want to make us come together not separate. I know I’m not the only one thinking about this. The only time in a room where people aren’t hating, is when someone dies. Do we all need to die to make the world stop hating? But then some people might blame themselves, and start to hate themselves. So we need to accept this and stop hating, I know that’s going to take a long time, but maybe… just maybe… we’ll be able to do it before it’s too late.

Full of love,


Hello everyone! As you may know from my description, I am a jew. There are evil things in this world, anti-Semitism is sadly one of those things.

Just before school ended one of the days in maybe March, I experienced this. During the pledge of allegiance a boy did the Nazi salute. Never mind, the word nazi doesn’t deserve a capitalization. I walked up to the boy appalled. What kind of school was this?!? I asked who did he think he was and he acted oblivious about what he did. It wouldn’t be as big of deal as it was to me if the other boys hadn’t laughed. I was shocked. I thought that this school was supposed to be welcoming. I thought that I was sorely mistaken. My teacher saw this and waited until after recess to address this. Not only that he said it was disrespectful to the flag. THE FLAG! I do understand the country flags are important, but aren’t you missing the big issue here????????? I decided to bring it up again as he was moving on, to try to get how much it terrified me across to him.

After I brought it up he sounded sympathetic and I thought that I wouldn’t have to tell my parents to try to get their help with this. Instead he shared a story “that his sister is married to a jew, so he totally understands where I’m coming from.” Do you? Do you really? It was time to involve the calvary. On my afternoon run with my mother I brought it up. She was just as shocked at this as I was. She told me to ask if the boy had been talked to, I said I would ask. She also told my step-father, he was shocked as well.

This wasn’t the first time the ASD had something like this happen. My brother was in middle school and we had a boy next door who was a hitler supporter. I just happen to be friends with his younger brother. I told him this and he brought his brothers year book for me to see, there were swastikas EVERYWHERE! I even saw a gun shooting what “his impression of what a jew looks like.” I know my friend was trying to show me that this is a bigger problem then what I realized and he tried to be supportive, but this worried me extremely.

During maybe chemistry my brother got passed a note about jews and gas chambers and ovens. That boy got suspended and moved in class so my brother would have to sit next to him.

I didn’t know how to bring this up with my teacher, so I stayed silent. I offered to do a report for extra credit in social studies why do this salute was bad and the history behind it. My teacher said he would think about it. (I never got to do it by the way.) When I got home I explained my day, my mom wrote an email to my teacher about this. He said this, “I don’t know if $#&!@ told you but my sister is married to a jew and is raising her children jewish, so…” (I blurred out my name, right now I’m staying anonymous.) THE SAME STORY! Having jewish relatives has NOTHING to do with this. She and i looked at the student handbook and realized we should contact the principal, and that’s what we did. The boy got a “talk” with my teacher but the principal talked to his parents, him ( for two HOURS), he made him write and apology to the class and me.

I don’t know if you heard but in a yearbook in Germany (I think) a student wrote an anti-semitic senior quote. The school handled it, but this problem just keeps getting bigger.

I ask you do what you can if you see Anti-Semitism happening

Thank you!



Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is a process; working together is a success – Henry Ford