… Lagged?

Okay…. I was just about to go to bed and was cleaning up some old drafts… I found this… HOW????


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Realize the whole “you have 3 drafts” (I trashed one when it said I have 2) WHEN I ONLY HAVE 2!!!!!!!!

Percy Update

Hi everyone!

I don’t have a ton of time, so yeah. I gotta go to bed soon. I just though I would update everyone on Percy!


In one week he will officially be eight weeks old. So on Sunday we’re going to go meet him. Today I went shopping for puppy stuff. I got him a kennel, puppy food, training treats (Zukes are awesome for this. Just a thing.), teething toy, toy, and his collar.

it’s Green and blue with like a zig zag pattern, and it has a blue with tiny white polka dots all over it bowtie. How awesome is that?????? As promised… Photo time!




He’s the one staring at the bowl.



He’s the one with the ears down.



He’s the one staring tat the camera. Ain’t he adorable????

Attachment issues

Sam has gotten worse. I don’t think it’s a fear of his crate anymore. My mother thinks that Sam has attachment issues. (this isn’t the term she used. I can’t remember what it is.) Separation anxiety. We won’t even leave the house yet, just the room, and he’ll start to freak out.

But we’ve got him in Reactive Rovers and apparently he isn’t as bad as some of the dogs! So he’ll be better in no time!

A Dragon Journey

Isfahel knew his days were numbered. He couldn’t leave. Not yet anyway. He stretched out his wings, letting the full moonlight shine through them. He felt his scales grow heavy, as if saying “ No, You will never have to leave.” But he knew he had to, or the humans would hunt him down.

Time to go.” He murmured, But he didn’t take off.

Why do you hesitate?” said a voice. But Isfahel didn’t answer. It was as if he didn’t have to go. He knew he had to. If only he could stall a bit longer.He beat his wing to the rhythm of his heart, He began to soar in the air. He flew into a pitch black forest. Not even the moonlight could shine through it. He breathed out fire. More to make him feel at home. Not to have light or bring warmth. He missed the warmth of his mother’s scales against his. But he had to do this. He couldn’t find a cave to stay in for the rest of the night, so he laced his long big body through some poisonous berry bushes. One more day and the full moon would come. He had until that long to do what he had to do. It was a dangerous journey, but he had to extinguish the humans before they poisoned this planet even more. But they had spears and arrows. He was terrified, but he would never admit to it. He slept for a bit, when he woke the sun was setting. That was it. Now or never.

I wish it was never.” He moaned.

DO IT!” The strange voice yelled. He turned around.

No one ever bosses around a dragon! Especially not this one!” He roared before he blasted fire all around the forest. There was a scream, then complete silence. The fire evaporated almost immediately after the scream.. The humans had found him.


Down with the cruel Beast!”they yelled. Isfahel felt a hot chain wrap around his neck.. He put down his head to accept his fate. As the lance was about to pierce his eye, Isfahel Blasted his searing hot white fire all around in a roar of victory and rage. The human ran around screaming in pain before collapsing dead in front of him. Now Isfahel isn’t going to waste a good barbeque. He ate the humans, thinking he was doing them a favor. They deserved to die and digest in his stomach.


The End

Just kidding! You Didn’t think it ended right there, did you?

Isfahel kept waiting. For he knew where a group of humans were more would come. They were an infestant.Like all infestants, they needed to be dealt with. Immediately. Isfahel lied in waiting.

Little did Isfahel know a young unicorn was watching him. A little bit older than Isfahel himself. This young unicorn watched him fly in, sleep, kill the humans, eat them, and now waiting. The unicorn decided to reveal herself. She walked toward the dragon and bowed her head a bit.

Oh mighty dragon! I beg of you! Have mercy upon my mind and body!” she cried out. Isfahel snapped his head toward her.

SHHHHH! You’ll blow my cover. Yes, I’ll let you live. But only if you stay quiet.” Isfahel whispered. The unicorn relaxed, glad formal introductories were done. She tilted her head at him.

I have a mission to purge the humans of this world. Our world. Forever.” Isfahel smiled.

But do you actually want to?” The curios unicorn asked. Isfahel just realized what he was meant to do. The elders had made it sound so good, so amazing, so… awe inspiring.

You know, not really. I mean… I should. But I don’t Does that make sense?” Isfahel answered.

Then don’t. You’re in control of your own life. Be who you want to be!” The unicorn said sweetly.

Do- Do you want t-to b-be my f-f-friend?” Isfahel stammered. And to his happiness the unicorn nodded. Then the sun came up.


To Be Continued…



It eats me up

It breaks me down

It makes me green

It makes me drown

It spills right out

No consideration

It’s black and ugly

Not a good sensation

It makes me angry

Makes me want to kill

Maybe just this once

I won’t spill

It gives me evil thoughts

It makes me explode

I don’t understand it at all

Someone please explain

To me, pretty please

It feels like I’m draining

Happiness for me

Nothing seems to fix

The ugly thing inside

I don’t want to live this way

My entire life


If you’ve ever had a point where you feel a bit like this, Share it in the comments below!