It eats me up

It breaks me down

It makes me green

It makes me drown

It spills right out

No consideration

It’s black and ugly

Not a good sensation

It makes me angry

Makes me want to kill

Maybe just this once

I won’t spill

It gives me evil thoughts

It makes me explode

I don’t understand it at all

Someone please explain

To me, pretty please

It feels like I’m draining

Happiness for me

Nothing seems to fix

The ugly thing inside

I don’t want to live this way

My entire life


If you’ve ever had a point where you feel a bit like this, Share it in the comments below!

Days go by

Every millenium more humans come and go in existence

Every century an turn begins

Every decade bones rebuild

Every year month fly by in a blur

Every month seasons change

Every week days go by

Every day a few more poems and blogs get posted

Every hour brings us closer

Every minute words get typed

Every second a letter gets typed

Every milli-second people live


Days go by

Dog Farts

Is it just me or does it seem that dog farts are the worst? Well, just a couple minutes ago, I went to get ice cream. On the way back home while I was feel happy, Sam let one rip. We didn’t even hear it… but then this VILE smell rippled through the car. My brother and I immediately covered our noses with our shirts/sweatshirts. And there was Sam acting like HE just ate some ice cream. It was HORRIBLE!

I would love to hear about your experiances with vile smelling farts.



Girl Rising

Girl Rising

By dreamywritercom

Letter From Author

I know your most likely skipping over this part, and I can truly understand that. I used to do the same thing. So I’ll try to be brief, I would like to dedicate this book to my sweet cousin Bailey. She recently got married! Also I would like to dedicate this to my loving mom and Step-father who told me to keep at it but still take breaks. My last dedication would be to the MC Second-to-none. Love Ya guys! I hope you enjoy it!



As I walked down the dusty road I thought about what my life had become. Call it fate… destiny. My name is Kayla. I just moved to Dunsmuir, California… Really small town. Dad left after my younger sister was born, mom is working all days and most nights. Awesome. So yeah, we moved from frikin’ LOS ANGELES! So yeah… two younger sisters and one twin sister. Older than all of them, only by two minutes from my twin. Can’t pass off as a single child… Dang it. My twin says I’m a perfectionist. But whatever.


Chapter One


“ Stop being a brat already!”

“ I’ll tell mommy that you called me a brat!”

“UGGGGHHHH! You’re impossible!” I yell as I storm up to my room.

I can already hear Ivy calling our mom to tell her about what I said. Sometimes I wish I was part of a different family .Maybe… one of these days… Emma comes upstairs and enters our room. I can’t believe I have to share the room with her.

“ You shouldn’t have done that Kayla…” Emma starts.

“ Spare me your lectures! Please have mercy!”

“ Haha very funny. But I’m serious.”

I know she is. But I really don’t need this right now. Emma opens a new box to unpack. We’ve been unpacking for weeks. School starts in a month.

“ Addison’s peed again, Someone needs to fix it!” Ivy yells from downstairs. Me and Emma look at each other. Almost simultaneously we both yell  “ NOT ME!”

I start to laugh, Emma joins me. It feels good to laugh.


I wake up to a thunderstorm. It’s eleven at night. My sister is already asleep. I creep downstairs, the kitchen light is on. My mother is sitting on the counter holding a cup of tea, thinking.

“ Hey Ma, what’s up?” I try to say casually.

My mother smiles, but it doesn’t reach her eyes.

“Hey you. Just thinkin’. What are you doing up so late?” She whispers. Most likely not to wake Addison.

“Not much. Damn thunderstorm woke me up.” I say not even bothering to whisper or lower my voice.

“ Is Emm still asleep?” She asks.

At age thirty-six, My mother normally looks pretty good. But with such long hours she looks like she’s forty-eight. I sigh and shake my head no.  She puts down her tea and kisses my forehead.

“ This will get better, I promise Kite.” she used my old nickname. I got it by wanting to be a kite when I grew up.

“Can I make a call, mom?” I ask she turns and nods to me and continues to head upstairs. I wait for her to disappear to her room before I run to my phone that I left in dining room.I try to figure out who I should call but I already know.

“Baby? Did I wake you?” I quietly say.

“Mmm? Who i- KAYLA?” He sounds awake now. James has been my boyfriend for around two years now.

“Yeah… did you miss me?” I say almost teasingly.

“ OF COURSE I DID! I haven’t heard from you in nearly two months!” He sounds mad but also happy.

“ I know… I’m really sorry, I’ve just been so busy with unpacking and my sis-” He stops me before I can finish.

“ Stop, Just stop Kayla. This long distance thing isn’t working.” He doesn’t say anything after that but I already know what he’s going to say.

“ It hasn’t been easy for me either you know,” Tears are starting to reach my eyes. “ I hate you.” With that I hang up. I heard him breath in about to say something back but I couldn’t handle it. I run into my room and let the tears come. My sister wraps her arms around me and lets me cry. After everything me and James went through… just like that… He would regret his choice sooner or later that I was sure of.


I felt my sister’s tears against my shoulder.

“Ssssshhhhh, it’s going to be okay.” I try to comfort her. I’ll kill the jerk for making my sister feel this way.

Years before


I laugh as he pops a strawberry in to my mouth… at least he tries. My sister smiles affectionately. Her boyfriend wraps his arm around her and takes a selfie with her. They both have huge grins. I look at James with a look in my eyes. He sees it and chuckles. I love his laughs. As the people in the Cafe look at us like we’re crazy, I’m stuffing my french fries in James’s mouth and he’s trying to push them out with his tongue. Later on we do leave, my sis going with her boyfriend. Me going with mine. I remember his…


My alarm clock rings waking me up. School shopping. I stuff my head under my pillow. All of the sudden Ivy come running in to my room holding the phone.

“ It’s James. He wants to talk to you Kite.”

I sigh but I grab the phone.

“ What the frick do you want?” I say angrily in to the phone.

“ I’m sorry the way I acted last night. I was just tired.” He tries to explain, I know this. But I’m just too hurt.

“ Yeah… sure… whatever. I gotta go, because unlike some people I have a life to live.” I hang up on him. My heart feels like its torn in two, Emma walks in and pick up the phone where I dropped it. She dials a few numbers and walks out of our room.


“ Who do you think you are?!?!?” I yell at James through the phone.

“ I tried to apologize Emm.”  He says weakly. Because he is.

“Whatever idiot, and don’t call me Emm. Only my friends call me that. And you’re sure as shoot ain’t my friend. Friends don’t hurt each other siblings.” I growl.

“ What about Max? Hmm Emma?” Max is his younger brother, my old boyfriend.

“That’s different. He cheated on me, I had the right to break up with him. Why am I talking about my lovelife with you? You’re such an idiot and a jerk.” I hang up and sit down with my back against the wall. I can feel tears in my eyes. I rub them away angrily, but eventually the tears win. I cry until my eyes are all red and puffy. Kayla walks down fully dressed and offers her my hand. I smile up at her gratefully.


I run out of the room before Kayla can realize I called James. I go to mommy’s room holding Addison about to wake up mom.

“Mommy wake up. School shopping time. Momma? Wake up. Wakie wakie eggs and Bakey. Well personally I like pancakes and maple syrup better, but you can’t make that rhyme.” Momma eventually wakes up but it’s easy to see she’s still woppin’ tired.

“Thank you Baby.” She smiles. The darkness is away for now. But it will be back. It’s always back.

Catherine ( Mom)

I wake up to Ivy’s voice and Ivy and Addison’s face smiling at me. Best way to start a day.

“ Thank you Baby.” I smile at her. Her face lightens up a bit but darkens once again. I wonder what goes on in that mind of hers. I give her a look, realization dawns her face and she scurries out of the bedroom with Addison. I close the door and get dressed. When I walk out all of my girls are dressed and Emma is dressing Addison. I smile and wonder what I did to deserve these wonderful children.


We all look up from what we’re doing and we see our mom enter with a smile plastered across her face. We all smile in return. As we walk out the door and head to the car I walk up close to Emma.

“ Were you talking to Max on the phone?” I whisper in her ear.

“ Ummmm… no.” She blushes. “ I was talking to…”

I can tell she doesn’t want to say, so I just smile and nod. Relief spreads over her face. We get in to our car, me in front other is the back. Ivy in the middle, Addison in her car seat right side of the car Emma on the left. We back out and drive down the road. All of the sudden a car comes out of nowhere.

“MOM LOOK OUT!” I scream on the top of my lungs. The car hits us and everything goes black.  I can still hear Ivy screaming.

                 Chapter Two

       Waking up from a nightmare


When I wake up I’m in a hospitable. I’m on a bed and there are tubes connected all over me.

“Wh- what happened?” I mumbled. The nurse that is sitting by me has a pitied look on her face.

“ You were in a car crash. A terrible one. I am so sorry. Your mom and little sister didn’t make it. They were dead by the time an ambulance could get there.” She has tears in her eyes. Or is that just me? Yeah it’s me. My mom… the only adult left to take care of us. Dead. My baby sister. She wasn’t even five months old yet! Suddenly a bigger problem hits me. Who are we going to live with? I ask the nurse if I can see my twin sister. The nurse nods.

“But first we have to clarify something.”

“ What is it?”

“ Where is your father?” There they are. The words that I’ve dreaded my entire life. I can feel them echoing in my head. Then I notice the nurse is smiling at me. What a jerk.

“ He left over six months ago. Around that time.”

“ Good thing we have him in the waiting room then! He’s waiting with your twin and younger sister.”

I get up and I realize my legs are shaking. The man that we were supposed to call dad is in the waiting room. With my not dead siblings. It makes my blood boil. I stomp in the direction of the waiting room. He’s there. My “father”. I know it’s him. His eyes and mouth look just like mine. I make my eyes full of hate. I look at his arms. He has tattoos on him.  One of them says Grim Reapers. Ivy is laughing but Emma has an untrustful look in her eyes. I storm up to him and pick up Ivy.

“Cmon Emma, let’s go look for a real parent.”

He stands up.

“ Like it or not kid. I am your father. Now get your ass moving.” He walks out and we follow, my head hung in anger. As we get in the truck, Emma tries what I tried.

“We’re not gonna come home with you. We have stuff at our house, and you don’t know where that is. You wanna be our dad? Give us some bus money and meet us at the park. Also, for god sakes. LET US MOURN!” My sister yells this part. Ivy starts to cry. Emma barely ever raises her voice. Our father turns to us. We’re a mess. Ivy clothes are dirty, Emma looks like she didn’t get any sleep, and I’m in a hospital gown and my jeans. Ivy stops  crying as we all flinch under his gaze.

“I know I wasn’t there when you needed me. And I’m really sorry about that.” He sighs. I want to believe it’s true. But I can’t.

“Weren’t there when we needed you? Are you fricking kidding me? You were gone for months! And worst of all you took one of my sibling with you!” Yeah, He took my brother.

“  Okay… I am sorry I’ve been a terrible father. But you need to calm the frick down! DO YOU FRICKING UNDERSTAND ME?” He yelled at us as he stopped at a stop light. All of the sudden Ivy starts to scream. Everyone covers their ears as cars behind us honk their horns.

“ SHUT UP!” I yell at Ivy.  She glares at me, rolls her eyes and turns and looks out the window.



They asked me why I was screaming,

  1. My mom died
  2. My sister died
  3. I found out that my dad is a biker
  4. My dad isn’t dead like I thought he was
  5. I found out I have a brother
  6. My brother is my TWIN!

I would be crazy if I didn’t scream. Call me insane, but of course I’ll scream.


I kicked my bed as I waited for daddy to come back from the hospitable.

“ Kaid, I’m home!” I heard my dad yell.

“ DADDY!” I yell as I run into the foyer. Then I stop. There’s three … girls here.

“Daddy? Who are they?”

“ Umm…. Kaid meet… your… sis-”

“ SISTERS? WHERE DID THEY FRIKKEN COME FROM????” I yell at the top of my lungs.  



Clearly this kid was freaking out. Just like he should. Imagine living as long as he has thinking you were an only child.  I glare at our “father” Ivy slowly walks up to him. She starts to rub his back as he breaks down in tears.

“ Shhh, it’s okay. My name is Ivrean. You’re my twin brother. Our mom died in a car accident. Same with our little sister. We share the same parents. But you still own your life and have your own personality and looks. The only thing we have in common is our birthday and we’re part of the same family. That’s it.” She calms him down. I have no idea how she’s able to do that. She did it with Addison as well. Same with… mom.

Our dad walks in.

“Done pouting yet? Good. RIPPER!” He’s holding a beer in his hand. As he yells that last part four puppies and on older dog run  into the room. Emma smiles as she drops to her knees and a puppy approaches her as bold as grass growing.

“ That’s Keeka. She likes you,  …” Kaid says as he tilts his head toward Emma.

“ My name is Emma. This is Kayla, my twin.” She fills in the blank as she points to me.

“Got it. Kayla, Emma, and Ivrean.” He nods as he counts off his fingers.

“ I like Ivy better.” Ivy manges to get through puppy kisses. Kaid laughs.

“ Okay. Ivy. That’s Giggles.”

“ I LOVE HER! Can I keep her?” Ivy squeals. Kaid nodded and Ivy went wild.


Ivy kept Giggles, Emma kept Keeka, and Kayla kept Solemn. I kept Dungen, Ripper is dad’s dog.

“ Dad?”

“ Hmm?”

“ When is the lockdown?”

“ Oh crap! I forgot. INTO THE CAR EVERYONE! INCLUDING THE DOGS!” dad said as he jumped up from his spot in the couch. As we all walked, the puppies trying to trip us. We all piled into dad’s pickup truck.

“ Psst, Ivy!” I whisper in to her ear.


I felt Kaid whisper something in to my ear.

“ Psst, Ivy!”

“ What?”

“At dad’s motorcycle club, there’s two tigers. Spot and Stripes. Their twin brothers.”

“ Oh my gosh! Really???”

“ I kid you not” He grins “ Get it? I KID you not? I’m a kid.”

“Yeah I get it.” I laugh. “Can I tell my sisters?”

“Sure.”  I tell my sisters and they’re as surprised as I am.



Ivy wasn’t kidding, there were two male tiger cubs here.  But I wasn’t interested in the tiger cubs ( Ivy and Kaid were playing with them enough for everyone) I just stared at a cute guy as I held Solemn in my arms.

“That’s Patriot. He’s Gunner’s son. Also he’s the VP.” Kaid said as he came out of nowhere.

“ Holy Crap! You scared me Kaid.” I jumped as I said this. Kaid had gotten up and was holding one of the tiger cubs in his arms as Dungen tried to leap up in his arms too. As a labrador they had long legs and long tails.

“What’s VP?”

“ Vice Prez. If the Prez dies, VP will take his place and everyone will move up a rank leaving a spot ready for a Prospect, at least that’s how it works for this MC, it’s different for every club.”


“ UGGGGHHHH! It’s like you know nothing! A prospect is a biker in training almost. They do some the work. Their working to enter the club and get a patch.”

“ First off you know a lot. Second off, why are they working just to enter some dumb cl-”

“CAREFUL! You don’t want to offend them. This club means everything to them.” He says frantically.

“Fine, Why are they working so hard to get into a club and get a patch?” I whisper, annoyed.

“Search me. I haven’t figured that part out.”

“ It’s because they love Prez.” an unfamiliar voice says. I turn around and I come face-to-face with the “VP”. Kaid just smiles.

“Patriot meet my older sister, Kayla. Kayla, Meet Patriot. Also known as Riot.” He laughs at his joke.

“Why are you called Riot?” I ask him, he just shrugs.

“ I call him that because the girls start a riot about who will be his girlfriend. So when he leaves a room a riot starts. Look.” Kaid says as he points to a couple of girls. Sure enough they’re arguing then they start hitting.

“ Yikes. That’s not good. I finally understand why Prez asked me if my RN should be Riot, ” He said. “Well, better go.” He winked at me then walked away. I felt like starting a riot with any other girl who looked at him wrong.


I looked at Kayla’s blushing face and at Patriot’s body walking away. Then I turned to Kayla.

“ You’re an idiot, Kayla.”

“ Excuse me?”

“ Patriot’s nineteen, what are you? Fifteen?”

“ I’m sixteen I’ll have you know. Also I don’t like him. Seems like a jerk.” She blushed as she said that. I just sighed, shook my head and went back to playing with Ivy and Stripes. Girls. They’re so damn complicated.


“ Hey dad.” I say as I walk up to my father, Gunner.

“ Hey kid. What do ya’ want?”

“ Two things, why are we on lockdown? Also who are the other kids Clueball brought in?”

“Those kids are his, their old lady died in a car crash so he’s their only family. Also the person who was driving the car that killed her, He was a DJ’s deathbed. He did it on purpose.” His dad answered and then continued to yell at a Prospect. I walked over to Ginger.

“ S’up sis?”

“ I’ll tell you what’s up! Dad let you become part of the club, while I’m still a fuckin’ Prospect! I started the same time as you!” She kept ranting on but Patriot wasn’t listening anymore. He was watching Kayla talk to Saddle. He frowned, he knew she wasn’t his but he didn’t like it when she was talking to someone else. He didn’t know what that meant. After all he just met her.

“Were you even listening to me?” Oh shoot she said somethin’.

“Ummmm, yeah. I was. Heard every word.”

“No you didn’t. Too busy staring at that kid. Good luck with that.” She walked off laughing. He just rolled his eyes. All of the sudden this kid in pigtails jumped over to him.

“ HI! You’re cute. Why are ya’ lookin’ at my sis? She gettin’ over a bad break up. My name is Ivrean but everyone calls me Ivy.” She said this all in one long breath.

“Huh? Wha? I’m sorry. What did you say?” He blinked back to Earth. She repeated herself but a lot slowly.

“ thanks for calling me cute, I guess. I’m not looking at your sister. Nice to meet you Ivy, I’m Patriot.”

“That’s a weird name. What’s ya’ real name?” She said as she wrinkled her nose.

“That doesn’t matter. I won’t answer to anything other than Patriot. Maybe Riot.” I smiled.

“ GET YOUR HANDS OFF HER!” I heard Kaid yell. I ran to Kaid and saw Chains touching Kayla, who was screaming, I pulled Kayla away from drunk Chains.

“ TAKE A HIKE CHAINS AND GET FRICKING SOBER!” I roared at him. One of the prospects grabbed him and took him outside. After he was outside I turned to Kayla who had tears running down her face. Then she collapsed. I caught her.

“ Kaid, go get your dad and explain what happened.” I said quietly. Kaid nodded and ran off with Stripes and Dungen chasing after him.


“ Dad…” I said breathless. My dad waited for me to catch my breath. “ Chains was touching Kayla and Riot made him go but Kayla fainted.” My dad nodded and held out his hand to me, I grabbed it and showed him where Kayla was.


“ We could put her in Kaid’s room.” I said and Kaid nodded.

“ Okay.” Clueball grunted as we opened Kaid’s door and he put Kayla on his bed.

“One of us will have to stay in here to make sure she’s okay.” Kaid whispered.

“I’ll stay.” I said.

“Do  you actually think I’m gonna let you stay in the same room, private, with my underage daughter?” Clueball whispered but I could still sense the anger in his voice. I just shrugged and smiled.

“ C’mon’ Kaid, we have got others of your sisses to watch.” Clueball growled and with that they left the room closing the door quietly behind them. I could tell Clueball wanted to slam it. I pulled up a chair and sat down in it. I looked at Kayla more closely. She was beautiful. Full lips and an hourglass figure. Dang it Patriot, stop it, SHE’S UNDERAGE!


I could sense dad’s uneasiness about leaving Kayla alone in the same room as Patriot.

“ Dad?”


“Relax, she’ll be fine. Go get a drink and relax, I’ll watch Ivy and Emma.”

“ Thanks bud.”


“Ugghhh my head…”

“Yeah, ya’ got kinda of a nasty bump there.” An unfamiliar voice said. No, that was a familiar voice. Where did… Patriot. Oh My Gosh Patriot! Do I have bed hair? I shrieked and hid under the blankets, I heard him laugh.

“ Oh my gosh! It’s not funny!!!! I could have bedhead!”

“Relax Kayla, you didn’t sleep in the bed for that long!” then the door opened.

“ Kayla?” Emma asked through the door “am I interrupting something?”
“Nope, you can go now Patriot.” then I heard Patriots footsteps go down the hallway and the door lightly close behind him.

“Wow, He’s cute.” Emma laughed.

“Haha, very funny. Do I have bedhead?” I mumbled peeking out from the blankets.

“Just a bit. Come on, I’ll help you fix it.” She smiled. I walked over to her and she began to brush my hair. It felt so soothing. I fell asleep. When I woke up. Emma was gone and I was curled up in a beanbag. I walked over to a mirror and looked at my hair. Emma had french braided it and brushed my bangs back. I smiled and walked out of the room. When I walked downstairs I saw the guy that had touched me lying in a crumpled heap on the ground. He had a black eye and a few dog scratch marks. Solemn ran up to me whining.

“ Hey girl!” I whispered. I walked over to Emma who had Ivy and Kaid asleep in her lap.

“Need some help?” I asked her. She nodded gratefully and I picked up Ivy.

Cmon’ I motioned. She followed me into the room I was just in and we put Kaid and Ivy down on the bed. We sat down on the beanbag sharing it. Emma began to cry.

“I’m scared Kayla. Our dad shows up outta nowhere and our family is dead. We’re falling apart!” She whimpered. I looked down at my hands. I didn’t know what to say… Or I didn’t want to say anything. I got up and walked out to grab a root beer. I saw Patriot talking to someone else. My face heated up and waited at the bar to ask. Patriot saw me and nudged the other person he was talking to. She walked over to me.

“What do you want?” She asked boredly.

“C-C-C-Can I get a rootbeer and seven-up p-p-p-please?” I stuttered.

“Yeah sure… whatever.” She walked towards a fridge and grabbed two drinks.

“T-T-T-Thanks.” I said quickly and and grabbed them. I knew we didn’t have to pay for it because I’d seen other people take it and walk away. Patriot was staring at me with concern. My face grew hotter and I ran up to the room faster.

“Damn. Great job Patriot, you really messed up this time.” I heard the bartender person said. I raced in the room and closed the door behind me. Emma, Ivy, and Kaid was asleep. I sighed and put the drinks on a desk. I looked around but didn’t find a bathroom. I decided to gather up my courage and go find our “father”. Solemn got up and shook herself.

“Cmon’, let’s go find dad.” I said. We began to wander around and solemn kept trying to jump in my arms. Eventually I let her. I knew what I had to do and I dreaded it. I walked to Patriot.

“Hey kid. You feelin’ okay?” He whispered. My face started to heat up.

“Y-Yeah. U-Um, do you know where my d-d-dad is?” I stammered. I hated how my voice went super high.

“Mmmmhm. Over there in the other room. But I wouldn’t go in there.”

“Why not?”

“Can’t tell ya. But I still wouldn’t do it. He might get mad. And trust me… you don’t want to see Clueball mad.”

“I can handle it.” I squeak. He just shrugs.

“If you say so.”



A couple months later


I walk carefully into the club with Kaid walking next to me.

“Jeez Kayla, you weren’t this nervous when you first came here.” He laughed. I gave him my best older sister glare. I see Patriot start to walk over, and I begin to straighten up my clothes and smooth my hair down. Ivy runs past Kaid and stops in front of Patriot asking him something.


I saw Kayla enter in with Kaid and Ivy. She looked around her gaze stopping on me for a few seconds. And yet in those few seconds I felt proud that her gaze was on me. I start to walk over, but Ivy runs up to me.

“Riot?” she asks with concern in her eyes. I do a mental sigh.


“It’s Kayla, she’s acting weird and it’s scary.”

I was wrong it wasn’t concern, she was completely terrified. Of what, I had no idea. But I needed to find out. Especially if it involved Kayla.

“Cmon’. Why don’t you come with me and explain.” I said lightly, looking over my shoulder at Kayla. She didn’t look any different. Same body… same lips and face… same eyes, and same personality. Don’t even get me started on her skirt… I could see her long legs ready t—. Ivy was nodding her head and I took her into my room.

“So, what’s up?” I asked.

She looked down at her green shoes, her face as red as her hair. Then she looked up, even more scared.

“My sister said if I told you something, she would kill me. But that part is important… I think.”

I got even more worried.

“What if I pinkie promise not to let what you say, affect the way I think about Kayla in any way?” I whispered. She accepted my pinkie weaving her smaller pinkie around, binding me to what I said… at least in little kid terms. But I’m not going to violate her trust… I hope. She took a deep breath.

“Ok… so about a month ago… when we first met you guys…”

A couple month ago

Ivy & Kaid


“Are you okay Kayla?”


“Even if I told you, you wouldn’t understand… so just go away.”

To Be Continued…


Fragile Minds

Life pasts too quickly

Loves goes too silently

They say people are to agile

With their Fragile minds

The box is roaring

My dreams aren’t soaring

My heart isn’t lifting

My mind is too Fragile

They say it’s okay

But really, it’s not

The fragile mind are going by nicely

Yet here I am

Soaring above

My heart in the sand

With my fragile mind

Here the road passes

The loves need glasses

Cheers to the heavens

Here I am

with my Fragile mind

Love needs no introduction

Fragile needs no explanation

My mind is right here

Take it

It’s fragile with the scars

You’ve provided me

And yet…

I’m clean

Cords and bindings

I’m really glad I will always fin a way to keep in touch with my family, but… there are people in my family I wish to forget. I feel like a terrible person saying this, but that’s the truth.

I don’t know if anyone else feels like this, but I feel as if a cord’s wrapped around my heart, I know what it is. But I don’t. Maybe I’m dulusional.  My fingers feel like they need to grab at it. And the only way to relax the urge is to write. I don’y know what I’m writing. I just need to write.

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